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You're Probably Wondering Where You Know The Cast Of 'Sister Of The Bride' From

Everyone knows casting is an essential element in any good movie or TV show. Without a solid crew to bring the writing to life, it's a goner before it ever begins. One network that continually pulls amazing talent is Hallmark and the Sister of the Bride cast is one you won't want to forget. In fact, you may even find a little wedding inspiration while watching.

Sister of the Bride follows Stephanie (Becca Tobin) and Ben (Ryan Rottman) after their whirlwind romance and engagement after just six months of dating. Just when they're about to announce the news, her sister, Tracy (Chelsea Gilson), and her fiancé Preston (Brad Benedict) have, according to the Hallmark website, "also decided to tie the knot after 10 years of dating." There's a snafu when Stephanie and Tracy's parents declare they've accepted an offer on the vacation house both sisters had planned to marry in, leaving one couple out of luck over the 4th of July wedding date. Stephanie, being the good sister she is, gives the date and vacation house to her sister, but the drama is just beginning. A lot happens through the span of the two hour rom-com, so strap in and hold tight with this stellar cast who'll make you want a summer wedding ASAP.

Becca Tobin

This Marietta, Georgia gal may be the lead on Sister of the Bride, but she's best known for her recurring role on Glee as Kitty Wilde. Her first role was back in '09 as Heather on Wiener and Wiener, but she's been tearing up the screen ever since. As far as a personal life goes, she and hubby Zach Martin were featured in Forbes last December for buying a home in LA only to have it completely flood. The duo spent a lot of time and money renovating and now have their dream home — just in time for the Sister of the Bride's television debut.

Michael Gross

If you were alive in the '80s, you, no doubt, remember Gross as the doting father and husband on the hit sitcom, Family Ties. As a man whose career has been going since the '70s, it would take me all day to list the credits on his IMBD page. Seriously. If he wasn't scaring the crap out of you in the movie, Tremors, he was making appearances in just about every show ever created.

Ryan Rottman

Though his Instagram bio says, "Actor/Producer/Entrepreneur/Stay At Home Astronaut," I'm pretty sure Rottman, who's been acting since '07, is more well-known for his roles in shows such as Gigantic, The Lying Game, or Happyland. Or, if you have kids (like me), you might reconize him as Ryder from the Nickelodeon show, Victorious. That aside, he's appeared in numberous other shows and even served as executive producer of Sister of the Bride.

Chealsea Gilson

You might not recognize Gilson by name, but I'm sure you've seen her face in any of the 23 credits listed on her IMBD page. She first got the acting bug after working in the casting department for American Ninja Warrior, and manages a travel blog where she writes about yoga and the like.

Beth Broderick

If you haven't heard of Broderick, where have you been hiding for the past few decades? She's been acting since '83 with dozens of credits to her name. Most notably, she was the OG Zelda on Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

So yup — there is some pretty impressive talent on this roster.