'The Sound Of Music' Online Craft Corner Is Going To Be One Of Your Favorite Things

by Cat Bowen

My daughter loves making crafts. In the past few months, we seem to have made more than ever, and to be honest, I'm running out of ideas. So when I saw The Sound of Music craft corner on the Rodgers and Hammerstein website, I was both excited and relieved.

Most of the crafts are easy to do, have simple instructions, and require very few materials (the xylophone is a little more complex), making them extremely attractive to harried parents currently working from home and trying to entertain their brood. Currently, the site features six, easy-to-make crafts inspired by the classic musical: a cardboard theater complete with goat marionettes, a homemade xylophone, a bottle musical craft, an adorable pop-up card, marionettes, and coloring pages. Every craft was created in partnership with artists who know what they're doing, so the quality and clarity of instruction is extremely high.

The crafts themselves are stunning, much like the vistas of the original film. They remind you of all the beautiful parts of musicals and childhood, and also give you the profound urge to throw a middle finger up at the Nazis. (Screw you, Rolf, Liesl dumped your butt like the evil traitor you were. She is 16 going on single.) There are crafts that remind us that you are more than the expectations put on you by those who don't understand you — but this time you can turn your emotions into a pop-up card that you make with your kids. It's even more cathartic than singing on a hill and spinning in circles. Although, that did lead to good things for Maria.

The card is obviously customizable, so it's a really great craft kids can make and then send to friends and family who are likely missing something tangible and real from your little ones. A little missive can be a big deal for people feeling isolated, and it brings joy to the giver as well.

The musical bottle activity is something that I have done with my kids before, but this is a more guided approach with more specific instructions. We've all witnessed how glass bottles filled with different levels of liquid inside will sound differently when struck. This takes it a step further, and encourages kids to make music with these bottles. I can't tell you this won't get annoying, but it will keep them busy. The same goes for the homemade xylophone.

The coloring pages and marionettes are just pure and simple relaxation. It gives kids time to dive into their own wells of creativity and show it off on the pages. All in all, the Sound of Music craft corner will delight and inspire your children.