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Ranking The 'Southern Charm Savannah' Cast By Net Worth

Bravo is known for spreading its franchises across multiple locations: when a show works, the network will usually try to recapture the magic by spinning it off into another city. There are Housewives in every port now, and it looks like Southern Charm might be taking over the south. Southern Charm Savannah follows six childhood friends into their sometimes-messy adulthood as they try to figure out where they're going in life, with many of them returning to their hometown Savannah after some time away. But how does the spinoff compare to the luxurious lifestyles of the original? The Southern Charm Savannah cast ranked by net worth proves that it's not quite clear yet.

The net worth for the cast members of Southern Charm Savannah doesn't seem to be public knowledge at the moment, unlike the stars of its sister series Southern Charm. Without exact numbers to work with, it's difficult to definitively rank them based on their monetary worth, but that's never stopped anyone from speculating, has it? Taking a look at their various careers can give you an idea of how much their net worth could be. This group didn't end up on Bravo by accident, so they've got to have some serious funds to work with. Here's a speculative ranking of their possible net worths, from least to most.

Ashley Borders

Described as an actress, stylist, and creative director, Ashley worked all over the world before returning to Savannah to raise her son, Izzy. She's started a few clothing lines over the years, too. With her many and varied careers, it's not easy to pin down her net worth, so for now Ashley's an unknown quantity.

Hannah Pearson

Hannah used to manage a boutique and cosmetics line in Atlanta, but then she moved to Savannah and took up a sales position at a trucking company. She's been there for five years. According to Glassdoor, the annual salary for that position can rage from $50k to $72k.

Louis Oswald

Louis is currently managing two very different careers: he followed the family path to become a financial advisor at Wells Fargo, but also has his own business designing colorful men's dress socks called JL the Brand. He seems to be doing well with both, so Louis' net worth likely reflects that success. Glassdoor puts his Wells Fargo salary in the $53k to $110k range, and that's in addition to whatever he's making with his sock line.

Lyle Mackenzie

Though Lyle started out working in international logistics at a Fortune 500 company, he chose to leave that behind because working in a corporate environment just wasn't for him. Instead, he got a job in business development with Buy-Rite Salon and Spa Equipment. Glassdoor lists the national average salary for that job around $60k a year, with Atlanta, Georgia coming in around $57k specifically.

Catherine Cooper

Catherine comes from family money, but then spent her adult years traveling and studying abroad. She interned at a publishing company in New York before returning to Savannah to take on a "new job" that her Bravo bio doesn't specify. However, a Linkedin profile for a Catherine Cooper in Savannah seems to fit her, and it lists her current job (one she's had for eight years) as a marketing director for Dasher Management. According to Salary.com, the average annual salary for a marketing director in Catherine's city would be around $124k.

Daniel Eichholz

Daniel also has strong family ties to Savannah, with his relatives going all the way back to the Revolutionary War. Daniel and his brother David manage their family business together, the Eichholz Law Firm, but Daniel also has business projects of his own going on. He runs a company called Track My Leads that "utilizes proprietary lead management software to monitor and maximize marketing campaigns," according to his Bravo bio. If you know what that means, then power to you. Daniel definitely seems to be making bank though.

While it may not be clear exactly how much the Southern Charm Savannah cast has in their bank accounts, they all seem to be doing more than fine in the money department.