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Beyonce's Stylist Reveals How To Get Queen Bey's Epic Pregnancy Style

Beyoncé is a style queen, of course, but it's not like she doesn't have some help. In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, the stylist behind Beyoncé's epic pregnancy shoot gave some of her best tips for "maternity fashion," but don't use that term around her. The stylist is Marni Senofonte, and even if you think you don't know who she is, you have seen her work.

For example, she styled Kendall Jenner at the Cannes Film Festival this year, pairing little socks with a gorgeous Giambattista Valli dress on the red carpet. And of course, Beyoncé's pregnancy shoot. The great thing about a stylist for someone like Beyoncé is that Queen Bey already has great taste and is ready to take chances with her clothes. According to Cosmopolitan, Senofonte explained:

You can tell the difference between people who wear clothing and people who let the clothes wear them. I don't have any of [the latter]. What's fun is that everyone I work with is so open-minded. Maybe they wouldn't necessarily think to do something I suggest on their own, but then they're like, "OK, let me try it." Sometimes you have to twist their arm, but they'll try it.

Which is especially important for maternity looks, or else this masterpiece would never have been created.

So how do other expecting mothers adapt Bey's sense of style? According to Cosmopolitan, Senofonte's advice is to stop calling it "maternity style" or whatever else you're calling it. Fashion is fashion and women should just wear whatever they like. And the more bump, the better, as everyone saw with Bey's killer outfits during her pregnancy. Senofonte told the magazine:

I don't have a maternity style philosophy. I just feel like you should always be comfortable. Right now is such an amazing time because you don't have to hide anything anymore. Like, when my mother [was pregnant] they wore the big shirts — but no! Bellies are beautiful. Show your stomach! I think more people are doing that, which is really great. Every woman that I've ever worked with who was pregnant, everything just kind of carried over, we kept it moving. It's no different than if they weren't pregnant.

It's good advice: Women, especially those who love clothes and fashion, shouldn't feel like they have to sacrifice their interests or a part of themselves just because they're pregnant or becoming moms. That's totally backwards thinking.

Senofonte also worked on the Formation World Tour , Lemonade, and Beyoncé's Met Gala looks, which are always fierce. And interestingly enough, Senofonte got her start working for designer Norma Kamali who styled Salt-N-Pepa.

Senofonte told Women's Wear Daily earlier this year, "I was begging Norma, like, ‘Norma can I please bring them something to wear?’ She’s like, ‘Go ahead.’ So I just put one outfit together for each of the girls, not even knowing what racks of clothing you need — and they loved it."

That practice came in handy when Bey, Blue Ivy, and Tina Lawson dressed up as the iconic hip hop group for Halloween.

Throughout her career, she's worked with tons of other powerful women. Like after styling Lauryn Hill on her Miseducation of Lauryn Hill Tour, she was introduced to Beyoncé and Lawson. At the time, Lawson was doing most of Beyoncé's looks, but Senofonte was a backup. According to the Los Angeles Times, she said:

They [Beyonce and her mom] knew me and knew of me and my work, so they would reach out to me if they were on tour. If they had, like, an American Express commercial, they’d call me. Or if they needed a video, they would call me. I would do these one-off projects.

Luckily for all of us, the partnership stuck. Because Beyoncé's pregnancy looks and maternity shoot will go down in fashion history. And with her stylist's tips in mind, so will countless other announcements.

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