I Will Be Escaping My House All Summer To Sit On This Giant Rainbow Water Blob

I don't know about you, but I am ready for some warm weather and backyard fun. This year, I want everything to be over-the-top, and this rainbow water slide from Target really fits the bill.

The Rainbow Blobz water-inflated water slide from their Sun Squad brand is only $30, and will undoubtedly provide hours upon hours of summer entertainment. It's basically a large, fancy water bed pillow that sprays out water like Edward Scissorhands decided to take a nap one afternoon, so obviously, it's perfect. Plus, the 6 by 9-foot slide comes with a patch kit, so if you forget to pick it up at night after your children have exhausted you and your friendly neighborhood trash pandas come by and have a good time, you can fix it in the morning. No harm, no foul. (Also, Gorilla patch and seal tape is pretty much magic, so there's that.)

I foresee this being equally popular between parents of small children as well as fraternities and sororities, and almost assuredly Instagram influencers, so you're going to want to get clicking on this rainbow water slide from Target if you want one before they inevitably sell out.

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Now, to be honest, I'm not sure why this is classified as a water slide other than it follows those parameters perhaps more closely than it does a slip and slide, but I think the moniker of "Blobz" is definitely the more appropriate category. But, truly, who cares when it will provide ever so much joy for all of those fortunate enough to have the space and resources to obtain such a delight. Personally, I might just lounge around a bit on it whilst I sip from my juice pack of specialty cocktail that I got from the takeout place. Who will stop me? Surely my children will make an effort, but I am bigger than them, and I am in charge of the Wifi password.

OK, I might let them play on it first, but after that, all bets are off. It's summer and I overheat easily, especially after having a few of those cocktails.