A Super Bowl Recipe To Induce Labor On Game Day

The Super Bowl is usually a time to get together, root for your favorite team, eat an ungodly amount of appetizers, and enjoy America's favorite sport. But if you're quickly approaching your due date — or even past it — chances are your mind is focused on something other than the showdown on the field Namely, getting a full sized baby (much larger than the football those players have to carry around) out of you. You might have even turned to at-home methods for inducing labor and just maybe. But if you're especially inventive, you're searching for the one Super Bowl recipe to induce labor. Sneaking some labor-inducing snacks into your Super Bowl menu is so sneaky no one will ever know, and your baby just might be born on Super Bowl Sunday if you're extra lucky.

According to What to Expect, spicy foods fall into the category of foods that "can't hurt, might help" to induce labor. Although the scientific evidence isn't totally solid, many moms swear that they went into labor after eating a fiery hot meal of some sort. The reasoning is that spicy foods cause your uterus (and other parts of your digestive system) to contract, potentially starting actual labor contractions that progressively get more intense and close together.

And what Super Bowl spread is complete without a tray of hot wings? Making them as spicy as possible is the best way to get contractions going. Sticking with a classic super spicy hot wings recipe is the safest bet and, luckily, the food blog Half Baked Harvest has one that will make your mouth water and the rest of your body sweat simultaneously.

With a full quarter cup of Sriracha in the sauce, it's got enough spice to make even the toughest quarterback fumble. The sauce also has vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, and sesame oil to give it a well rounded — albeit very spicy — tang.

You can grill or fry the wings, depending on the weather in your area, and impress everyone (including your baby, hopefully) with your labor inducing recipe.