The 'Sweet Home Sextuplets' Are Cuter Than Ever In Season 2

by Mishal Ali Zafar

Season 1 of TLC’s hit reality series, Sweet Home Sextuplets, followed Eric and Courtney Waldrop as they adjusted to life with their six newborn babies. If you’ve been eager to see what this charming Alabama family has been upto since then, you’re in luck, because in this exclusive clip for Season 2, you’ll see that the Sweet Home Sextuplets are toddlers now and they've been keeping their parents on their toes.

In the clip, the adorable Waldorf sextuplets are transitioning from babies to toddlers, and they are hitting major milestones along the way. The babies are now walking, and you’ll see them go on on their very first Easter egg hunt with the help of their sweet older brothers. When celebrating their first Christmas with Santa, the sextuplets break into tears. “We’re taking the babies to see Santa for the first time, I just want to get one good picture,” a hopeful Courtney says before hand. But when Santa delivers a loud and hearty greeting, the babies erupt into sobs. “We didn’t know that Santa was going to scream ‘Oh oh oh’,” Eric adds with a sarcastic smile.

Courtney and Eric are responsible for nine children — their sextuplets, Blu, Layke, Rawlings, Rayne, Rivers and Tag and their three older sons, Saylor, Wales and Bridge — and keeping tabs on all of them at the same time can’t be easy. In one terrifying scene, Courtney is desperately looking for baby Layke, who seems to have gone missing in the house. She asks the older children and Eric if they’ve seen the baby as she searches their home, but Layke isn’t anywhere in sight. “This is my biggest fear,” she says over the clip in tears. “I just want it to be normal.”

Now that the babies are walking, keeping track of them is just going to get harder. But one of the biggest challenges in Season 2 for the Waldrops is the lack of space. With nine growing kids, their home is proving to be too small for their needs, so Courtney tells Eric that they need to move into a bigger home as soon as possible. “With things this crowded, it’s hard to manage our everyday lives,” says Courtney. “We have outgrown this house.” But it doesn’t look like Eric is on the same page, and he says that all this talk of a new house is a “bomb” that Courtney’s dropped on him.

As if taking care of nine growing kids in a small space isn’t hard enough, the Waldrop’s are thrust into the middle of deadly flu season when the entire family is hit with the virus at the same time. “All nine of our kids have gotten the flu,” Courtney says as you see the children fussy, feverish, and in tears. “Young kids are dying from the flu. If their fevers don’t go down, then we’re going to end up in the emergency room. It’s just so overwhelming.” You can see how much of a toll this is taking on Courtney, because when visiting the doctor’s office with one of the babies, she collapses onto the floor.

While Eric and Courtney may get overwhelmed from time to time (anyone would with nine kids), the one thing that is constantly apparent is how dedicated they are to their family. You can see the love and support they have for each other, and at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters. You can catch much more of this charming family on Season 2 of Sweet Home Sextuplets, which premieres on Tuesday, May 28 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.