The Sweet Memories Behind This Mom’s Charm Collection Will Inspire Your Own


There’s no denying that jewelry is one of fashion’s most sentimental offerings. Whether it’s a family heirloom, a gift from your partner, or a personal investment, jewelry is purchased with a lifetime of wear in mind. It should grow alongside you, transform with your style, and encapsulate special moments. After all, the best jewelry (the most unique and effortless, that is) serves as an extension of yourself and your experiences.

In partnership with Pandora, we’re sharing how Steph Baes — an inspiring mother and school counselor — uses jewelry to celebrate her life’s greatest moments. Marking major milestones like the birth of her child and her wedding, Steph’s charm bracelet is a physical representation of life’s many joys, and a piece of jewelry that is constantly evolving. Ahead, Steph lets us in on the stories behind her Pandora bracelet, and shares how collecting charms that tell her story led her to her favorite jewelry piece in her collection.

For Steph, everyday jewelry is so much more than simply an accessory — it’s a representation of the people and places she holds dear. “I love that when you wear jewelry, it becomes a part of you,” she explains. “So in a way, when I wear my Pandora bracelet, I’m bringing along all the people and memories I love with me.”

Steph describes her charm bracelet as “a collage of the people, places, and memories I love most.” It represents the joys of the past and keeps her looking forward to what the future may bring — there’s always room for another charm.

Pointing to her sterling silver Statue of Liberty charm, Steph explains, “New York City is where my husband and I had many of our first few dates before we got married, took our engagement photos, and raised our family. We’ll be moving to a different state soon and I wanted to carry a part of our favorite city with me.”

Steph’s daughter Maddie is one of her biggest inspirations. Their stylish mother-daughter looks and playful at-home activities like creative crafts and cookie baking are a depiction of their unending friendship. Keeping a piece of her daughter with her at all times, Steph’s “M” charm is one of her favorites. “M is the first letter of my daughter’s name, and she is my world,” Steph explains. “I love carrying a piece of her with me when I go to work.”

Whether she’s mothering, counseling, or spending time with her partner, love is a core element in Steph’s life. “‘Do everything in love’ is my motto,” she explains, “and it’s something I always try to remember as I go about each day.” Simple and timeless, her heart charm is a small reminder to live a life full of love.