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The Theory That Jaime Will Kill Cersei On 'Game Of Thonres' May Have A Major Catch

Only two episodes into this season, and fans already have so many questions. Will Jon and Dany get along when they finally meet? What's going to happen to Ellaria? Will Jaime ever get as tired of Cersei as the rest of Westeros? That last one has got a lot of people predicting that Jaime will be the one to kill Cersei on Game of Thrones, but another theory is also starting to get big.

So much has happened in such a short amount of time, fulfilling the show's promise that the pace would be picking up this season. Arya finally offed the Freys and is now rocketing north towards a hopeful Stark reunion. Daenerys, acting uncharacteristically fast, moved into Dragonstone and started mobilizing her army to go to war.

Oh, and Jaime? Jaime's back to his old tricks: obediently laying down threats and bribes for Cersei, quietly grimacing when she does something bad, and struggling to remember what his purpose in this story is. If any of Cersei's rapid progression off the deep end — from her stony reaction at Tommen's death to her allying with Jack Sparrow's evil twin, Euron Greyjoy — has phased him, he's been incredibly good at not letting it on. But with the occasional crack starting to appear in Jaime's world-class poker face, many fans are calling it now that he's going to be the one to kill her.

It makes a lot of sense. Jaime's had a great arc over the years, with the real possibility of evolving from smug Prince Charming-wannabe to solidly decent person. There's also a prophecy in the books that says Cersei will one day be strangled by the valonqar — which in High Valyrian means "little brother." This could really apply to pretty much all the guys in Game of Thrones, but Jaime is technically younger than Cersei by a few minutes, so he fits the bill as well as any of them. Plus, the parallels between Cersei and Mad King Aerys — whom you will all remember that Jaime killed long ago — are getting more and more explicit. Where he once had to choose between his devotion to the king and his desire to protect the people of King's Landing, now a similar dilemma may be surfacing for him. Nice and full circle-y, isn't it? Also he really hasn't done anything major in a while so it would be nice if he got some action.

But as much as many of us would love a nice, clean redemption arc for Jaime, Game of Thrones isn't known for just giving its fans what they want. One fan, Redditor Kinoxciv, suggested a slightly less poetic ending for Jaime: instead of him killing Cersei himself, Arya will show up and kill him, and then kill Cersei wearing Jaime's face. Since she'd be looking like Jaime, Kinoxciv figures, the prophecy will still be fulfilled.

That would be kind of a bummer ending for Jaime, and Arya's change of plans in last week's episode to head north instead of south has got a lot of people doubting this theory — but who knows? Cersei has been at the top of Arya's Most Wanted since day one, and as we've seen more than once it would be unwise to underestimate her. While we can never know that far ahead of time who's going to make it to the end of the season, you can bet that no one will be standing around too much longer.