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The Tiny Thing That Could Help With C-Section Recovery

Recovery is one of the most dreaded parts of childbirth. If you're delivering via C-section, your healing process will be totally different than a mother who delivered vaginally. Although they both have their own ups and downs, C-sections are notorious for the rough recoveries. There are many things you can do to ease into the healing process once you're home from the hospital — brand new baby in arms — but this tiny thing that could help with c-section recovery is often ignored, even though it's been proven to speed up recovery time when practiced correctly.

You've probably heard the regular advice. Accept all of the pain medication you want, learn to care for your incision properly, remember to stay hydrated, and get comfortable while nursing. But there is one thing that probably isn't high on your priority list that probably should be.

According to Baby Center, getting up and walking around regularly not only promotes healing, but it can prevent blood clots from forming by keeping your blood circulating properly. Now, walking during C-section recovery isn't the most comfortable experience. And although all you probably want to do is lie in bed until your incision heals and the pain subsides, there is evidence to suggest that small, easy walks can help speed things along.

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Keep in mind that you've just undergone a major surgery, so keep your physical activity low impact and relaxed. A simple walk around your house, or even outside if you're up to it can encourage your body to heal, boost your mood, aid bowel function, and more. Fox News encouraged moms not to get out of bed to walk before your doctor gives them the green light, but once you're in the clear, you can gradually build up to 30 minute walks within the first week or so of being home. Slowly, walking will get easier, and you'll be glad you pushed yourself to take those first exhausting steps.