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'To Have & To Hold' Has A Cast You Won't Want To Miss

A great ensemble cast can make or break a movie. One of the great things about a network like Lifetime is they never fail to put a string of talented actors together for a project. Even if you didn't know a name, you may recognize the face, or vice versa. Basically, you know what you're getting when you tun into a Lifetime Original movie. And the To Have and to Hold cast is stellar and will make you want to watch everything these actors have been in.

The movie itself, which airs Sat. June 22, is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Jane Green. It's actually one of three Green novels Lifetime nabbed that will be executive produced by Grey's Anatomy star, Kim Raver. The movie follows Alice as she prepares to marry her teenage crush, Joe. He's the epitome of Prince Charming (on the outside), but in exchange for her happily ever after, Alice is expected to change nearly everything about herself. She's to be the image Joe needs to cover up the affairs he's having on the side. Then when Joe's cheating affects his career and the two are forced to move, Alice feels like her life can't get any worse. Before long, the comfort of her best friend's boyfriend turns to something more. I don't love that storyline, but the cast makes it work. With that, here are the stars of this unexpected Cinderella story.

Erika Christensen

Christensen has been doing the acting thing since her first role on the '97 remake of Leave It to Beaver. That's over 20 years of her talent gracing the big, and small, screens. Though she's no relation to actor, Hayden Christensen, she is the mother of two little nuggets. If you take a look at her Instagram page, you'll likely fall into a hole of adorable kid pictures, family photos with she and her husband, Cole Maness, traditional press shots, and if you look hard enough, you'll even find the dog (thank you). Christensen plays the lead, Alice, in To Have and to Hold, so prepare to watch her break apart and put herself back together again in the most glorious of ways.

Antonio Cupo

Cupo may not be a household name, but that doesn't mean he hasn't been around awhile. As leading man, Joe, in To Have and to Hold, try to remember he's not his character (the cheating jerk). Actually, Cupo in real life seems quite lovely. His Instagram page is full of behind-the-scenes photos with fellow actors, fun times with family and friends, and the usual "I'm good looking while posed" shots to be expected. He's also known for his role on Blood and Treasure and Mystery Island, among others.

Andy Favreau

If you're a fan of the ABC show, Single Parents, then you know Favreau. Aside from playing Leighton Meester's boyfriend, he's also been on a slew of hit shows like The Mick, Champions, and Animal Kingdom. His Instagram page has a lot of screenshots from the many shows he's been on, as well as with the leading lady in his life (who just said "yes" to the big question back in February by the looks of it), Molly McQueen.

Carmel Amit

Amit, who plays Emily in the movie, is most known for her work on Ghost Wars, Somewhere Between, and Mistresses. That aside, her IMBD bio says she's "native of Israel and immigrated to Canada in her early teens." If you peep her Instagram page, you'll find Amit living her best life. She enjoys pictures that portray how joyous, raw, and open she is and I thank you for it. Do your thing, girl.

Celeste Ziegler

Ziegler plays Michelle in the film, but if you're not sure where else you've seen her, it may have been Lucifer, The Good Doctor, or a few of the other credits to her name.

The cast of To Have and to Hold is solid. If you haven't already cancelled all plans to watch this Lifetime event, do it now. If you miss it, you'll regret it for the rest of your life, or at least the week. You've been warned.