Turn Your Swaddled Baby Into An *Actual* Burrito With This Tortilla Blanket

I love a good novelty item as a baby shower gift. I've bought friends monogrammed breast pads (big winner when you realize you can see the monogram stand out through a thin tee shirt and bra — oops), sushi onesies, and t-shirts with hilarious phrases emblazoned upon them, like one that read "It's 5 a.m. somewhere." And I love a silly blanket. That's why I'm pumped about the tortilla baby wrap from Uncommon Goods. It's too ridiculous not to buy.

When you learn to swaddle your baby at the hospital or at birthing classes, one of the most common phrases the teacher will utter is "wrap your baby like a burrito." You fold over, then up, and roll your baby over until they're snug like beans and rice. While they don't instruct you to top your baby burrito off with guacamole (yes, I know it's extra), that's exactly what you'll want to do with this tortilla baby wrap and hat combination designed to look just like a flour tortilla.

Although, when you look at it, the tortilla could also be a blintz, which makes me think it would be a hilarious gift to give at a bris.

Fair warning, this pediatric pancake wrap comes with a pretty price tag at $48, but as a splurge for a close friend or family member, it's totally worth it. Bonus points if you set the baby up with an emergency mylar blanket to wrap around the tortilla blanket, making the baby look like an honest to Pete burrito complete with foil wrapping.

Side note: every parent should have a few mylar blankets in varying sizes in their emergency kit. It's perhaps even more essential than the tortilla wrap blanket, even with all of the costume opportunities.

This blanket is described on Uncommon Goods as "soft layers of stretchy cotton-polyester blend 'tortilla' envelop your cutie, keeping them cuddled, secure, and looking deliciously adorable." I can't disagree. They also note that "since too much heat can cause baby (and his or her parents) to lose their cool, the breathable fabric blend ensures that the little one will stay at a comfortable mild temperature even through summer's most scorching days." Thermal engineering is key in baby blankets. This attention to detail will ensure that your little crunch wrap supreme will be as happy as I am when I've earned a free burrito on my Chipotle app.

The tortilla baby wrap could be made the entire theme of a baby shower or birthday party. Uncommon Goods has a ton of items that would work as notes on this theme, ranging from Bloody Mary diagram glassware, to fancy molcajetes for your guacamole that are paired with a tortilla basket. Not to mention a super kitschy but still very cool taco serving kit and storage box, which would pull the whole party together.

Uncommon Goods is known for their quirky, out-of-the-ordinary products that tend toward the fantastic. I will always look for gifts there if for no other reason than a dollar from every item purchased goes to various charities supporting everything from women who are victims of violence, to children's education, to the preservation of the world's forests. Since 2010, Uncommon Goods has donated a whopping two million dollars to several charities from their "Better to Give" initiative. The best part? You get to choose which charity will receive your dollar at checkout.

Whether or not you're buying for yourself or for a friend, this tortilla baby wrap will provide the perfect photo opportunity for the little one who will be wrapped in its fluffy goodness. #freshlywrapped.