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The Exclusive Trailer For 'I Hate Kids' Unexpectedly Reunites A Father & Son

In the upcoming film I Hate Kids, protagonist Nick Pearson (Tom Everett Scott) finds himself in a situation as ironic as it is unexpected. Though he's made a name for himself as the author of a best-selling book called, fittingly, I Hate Kids, he soon discovers that he might have a kid of his own. And a psychic is the one to bring them together. The trailer for I Hate Kids has Tituss Burgess reuniting a father and son, just in time to uproot Nick's entire life.

The reveal happens at the worst possible moment. Nick has everything he could possibly want in the trailer: fame, fortune, and a wedding on the horizon. Though he was something of a lothario in days past, now he's going to be tying the knot with the woman of his dreams (Rachel Boston) — a woman who doesn't want kids, either. It's at the rehearsal dinner that a 13 year old boy named Mason (Julian Feder) pops up, convinced that Nick is his dad.

Nick finds the whole thing unbelievable, especially since Mason's evidence isn't exactly compelling. Mason is accompanied by a psychic radio show host named The Amazing Fabular (none other than Burgess), who first informed him that Nick was his father. But Fabular and Mason also come equipped with DNA results that seem to be proof enough for Nick.

But Mason doesn't just want to get to know his dad. He also wants to know who his mother is. This presents something of a problem, as Nick's lengthy (and not exactly positive) history with women means Mason's mother could be nearly anyone. With Fabular and his incredibly adorable dog along for the ride, Nick and Mason decide to go on a road trip to track her down.

Despite the fact that all three of them are total strangers (quick question: where are Mason's presumably adoptive parents?) and Nick's wedding is imminent, they head up the California coast to try to figure it all out. Along the way, there are hints that Mason and Nick will start to bond — and perhaps Nick will even find himself rethinking the stance that made him a bestselling author. Even in the trailer, he explains that it's not so much that he hates children but that they're not especially fond of him. But Mason doesn't hate Nick! He's the first 13 year old boy in history to say he doesn't hate his dad.

I Hate Kids premieres in theaters and on demand on Jan. 18. The trailer promises a cavalcade of cameos as Nick and Mason introduce themselves to all the women from Nick's past. You can spot Arden Myrin in the trailer (accompanied by a flamethrower) and Marisa Tomei is on the cast list, too.

Half the fun of a road trip movie is throwing together characters who wouldn't ordinarily spend time together and seeing how they interact. The unusual trio of I Hate Kids seems like one that might end up working if the trailer is any indication, but viewers can find out for themselves in just a few short weeks.

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