Get 29% Off The 4.5 Star Rated VAVA HD Baby Monitor Only On Prime Day

by Cat Bowen

Finding the perfect baby monitor can be a huge pain. They are pricey, confusing, and most of them seem pretty much the same. However, the highly rated VAVA HD baby monitor is on sale for Prime Day and it seems like a pretty sure bet.

Made by VAVA, this five inch, high definition baby monitor offers night vision, two-way audio, and even a thermal monitor. Normally priced at $159.99, on Prime Day the price is just $127.96 (29% off), which is a great deal for a monitor with an average rating of 4.5 stars. What I love about this model is that while many baby monitors now run via an app on your phone, this one is a classic monitor style, which means that you can still watch your baby while you doomscroll Twitter for the fourth hour in a row. (Even if you should be sleeping when the baby sleeps.) Having a dedicated monitor that is always tuned to your baby is a comforting prospect when you are so tired from that middle of the night feeding that you barely know your own name, let alone your iPhone passcode.

The range of the baby monitor is 450 to 900 feet, so unless you have an obscenely large house, you've got the range to roam quite a bit.

The ratings truly are what will sell you on this monitor: Most of the nearly 6,000 raters gave it 4 or 5 stars. Techie parents — dads especially — seem to really love it. One dad, Patrick, noted, "the image quality is the best I've seen on a baby monitor. The colors on the display are also perfectly calibrated if you're concerned about that sort of thing. The first picture I attached looks very blue, but that's just due to the white-balance on my phone's camera. I turned the lights off for the second picture to show the real colors that are displayed on the monitor."

Don't lie, you can absolutely picture a dad (maybe even your own) telling you all that.