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'The View's Abby Huntsman Gives Birth To Twins & Their Names Are SO Cute

It's a beautiful start to the summer for View co-host Abby Huntsman, who gave birth to twins on Wednesday night in New York City, as People reported on Thursday. The ecstatic mom also revealed her little ones' names, monikers that are too sweet for words. Buckle up for some major cuteness, y'all.

Huntsman first announced her pregnancy in January, revealing that she and her husband, Jeffrey Bruce Livingston, were expecting twins. “When the doctor told us [it was twins], my husband fainted, which was just classic,” she told People at the time. Ha!

Well, I hope Livingston has since gotten used to the idea because the twins, a boy and a girl, arrived on June 5, joining big sister Isabel Grace, 1.

‌“Ruby came first at 5 lbs., 12 oz. She is a sweet, very calm baby,” Huntsman revealed to the outlet. “William is 5 lbs., 4 oz., and came into the world wide-eyed and ready to raise havoc. Both babies are long like their parents — 19 inches.”

As for the full names? The couple decided on Ruby Kate and William Jeffrey, People reported. Aww — what beautiful, soft, and adorable names. The names go so well together, too.

Huntsman also announced the births on Instagram, writing in part: "Ruby Kate and William Jeffrey came into this world last night bright eyed and beautiful. Couldn’t be more in love and thankful for a smooth delivery. The human body is truly an amazing thing. So are the amazing doctors and and nurses who make it all possible."

Well said, mama.

Following Huntsman's happy announcement, fans came out of the woodwork to share their well-wishes and compliments.

"Congratulations!" one fan commented on the co-host's Instagram post. "Beautiful names, beautiful babies, beautiful family."

"So happy for you and your family! I can’t wait to see Isabel’s reaction!" another commented. "I love ALL your post of Isabel and now we get to follow twins and Isabel."

Another fan remarked: "Beautiful names! What a blessing x’s two!!! It’s a great time of year to get out and about. I went through three double strollers with my first two. They were 14 months apart. Don’t worry, you’ll do fine!"

Well-wishes aside, Huntsman admitted to experiencing some tough emotions prior to the birth, especially where it concerns her relationship with Isabel.

"I’ve been emotional lately about Isabel and losing what I have with her. I think that’s normal," she told Parade. "I worry that I’m not going to be as close with her or that she will feel left out. I’m going through those emotions right now."

I think there's a good chance many parents can relate to this sentiment. Transitioning from your first kid into a family with siblings isn't always easy.

Given Huntsman's description of Isabel, however, I think she'll adjust to these changes just fine.

"Thank you for making me your mommy, Isabel...can’t wait to see you become a big sis and show them who’s boss," Huntsman penned on Instagram one week ago. "You’ll have no trouble there."

Now that Ruby Kate and William Jeffrey have made Huntsman a mom of three, I can't wait to see what her family does next. From the babies' sweet names to their adorable faces, there's a lot to love here.