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Walgreens' Black Friday Sale Is Here & Includes Half-Off Barbies & Disney Toys — OMG

When I was teenager, my mom and I used to score big at Black Friday sales. One year, we stood in line at a toy store and snagged two Tickle Me Elmo dolls — remember when they were all the rage? — for my little brothers. Other years we scored discounted candles, candies, and picture frames for hostess gifts, while others were not as fruitful and we spent the time giggling instead. But the one stop we always made? Walgreens. And the Walgreens Black Friday 2017 Sale already promises to make the popular drugstore a stop on everyone's Black Friday list.

These days, Walgreens is more than just a hot spot for goodies to fuel Black Friday adventures, instead serving up deals of their own on everything from electronics to candles to toys. For maximum savings at Walgreens stores on Black Friday, be sure to sign up for the free Walgreens Balance Rewards Program. As a member of the program, you can get the best prices on items, earn rewards, and receive exclusive discounts. Bonus? Manufacturer and retailer coupons can be used in conjunction with the rewards and points you earn from using the card.

Lucky for you, the list below means you won't need to wait until Black Friday to get the inside scoop on good deals at Walgreens. Keep in mind when checking out the deals that you will still want to pick up your local sales ad and do some comparison shopping — prices and items may change depending on where you live.

Happy shopping and, hopefully, making some Black Friday memories of your own.

For The Kiddos

One of my favorite things about finding gifts for kids at Walgreens? Something about it feels secret because not only are you picking up something for the kid in your life in an unexpected place, but you are avoiding those long toy store lines. I call that a win.

Noteworthy Deals:

For A Hostess Gift

The onslaught of the holidays means invitations to work parties, get-togethers with friends, and visits with extended family. From candy to candles, it's always nice to have a hostess gift on hand that you can pop into a gift bag and head out the door.

Noteworthy Deals:

For Stuffing Stockings

I'm 33 years old and I still love the little things my mom and dad put in my stocking each year for our family get-togethers. Grab some of these small gifts and make your kids (adult ones, too) smile.

Noteworthy Deals:

For The Beauty Products-Obsessed

Spoil your friend, sister, or mom with some fun lipgloss, fragrance, and makeup goodies to add to their collection.

Noteworthy Deals:

For The Electronics Lovers

I'm not going to lie — I got pretty excited when I saw the Atari for sale on this list. As my first (and only) gaming console, I have fond memories of my dad showing me how to play the games he loved as a kid. Check out some of the other electronics you can snag on Black Friday.

Noteworthy Deals:

For The Adult Who Needs Some TLC

Hand me an essential oil diffuser, foot massager, and heated scarf and you can go ahead and call me next week. Why not surprise the maxed-out mama or stressed significant other in your life with one of these deals?

Noteworthy Deals:

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