The Book Nook, Courtesy of The Wonder

Here's What A Swanky Place Intentionally Built For Families To Play Looks Like

The concept of family bonding has changed in the technological era, with gadgets and the seemingly never-ending parade of options for entertainment sometimes making it difficult to connect. That's why entrepreneur Sarah Robinson and designer Noria Morales teamed up to develop members-only space The Wonder, a place designed for parents to enjoy with their children in New York City. Everything about the space encourages families to create memories with one another in a meaningful way.

The Wonder takes up 8000 square feet, housing seven different areas that are each designed to create a joyful experience. It's an "analog" space as a company press release explains, meaning cellphone usage isn't allowed in most areas to further encourage parents and children to bond. The entirely female leadership team hopes to appeal to "curious, imaginative families" as the company's website states, providing an environment that inspires both parents and kids to relax and enjoy each other's company.

So what can you expect in The Wonder? The biggest portion of the space goes to the Set-Designed Playspace, which offers 1500 square feet for families to play. It's a themed area designed by professional set designers. The plan is for it to change every season to offer even more possibilities for kids' imaginations to take off. The kickoff theme is "Retro Future" in honor of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, featuring a "Wonder V" rocket and a myriad of other toys for kids to enjoy. The toys will constantly switch out to keep the play fresh.

Wonder V rocket, courtesy of The Wonder

The Playspace will probably be what kids are most interested in upon entering The Wonder, but it's definitely not the only reason to visit. The Book Nook, designed by New York's Reading Ninja, offers a quiet area for readers; there's a nursery full of recliners and cribs, so parents and kids can get some rest; two lounges, one adults-only and the other family-friendly, are perfect for chatting; and the Cafe is perfect for grabbing a snack or a grown-up beverage if it strikes your fancy. The parents-only lounge is a cellphone approved space, so you can check up on the outside world while your kid has some fun.

The Nursery, courtesy of The Wonder

But the coolest part about Wonder might have to be the classrooms, where events, workshops, classes, and even birthday parties will be hosted. The brand already has a list of exciting programs lined up, including Kid-Led Workshops that allow kids to teach their peers, a Baby Class designed to help your baby develop, and Booze and Boardgames for parents. The rooms also come fully stocked with craft supplies, encouraging kids to explore and express their creativity when it strikes.

From left to right, Sara Robinson and Noria Morales. Courtesy of The Wonder

As of now there is just the Tribeca location, but the founders are hoping to open more locations throughout the nation. Access to this exclusive club doesn't come cheap — the member fee is $450 per family per month, which accounts for two parents, an unlimited amount of children, and one additional caretaker at no extra charge. It's a hefty price to pay for many, but there's some value to having a designated space where you can go to spend quality time with your family — and not even have to clean up after yourself.