This ~Personal Chocolate Fountain~ On Amazon Is What Life Has Been Missing & Yes It's On Sale

Think back to every Valentine's Day you've experienced. What are the constants? Does Noah from kindergarten still give you a special V-Day card thirty years later? Does Susie from eighth grade remember to bring you a Cupid treat with no nuts even though you haven't talked since the ten year reunion? I'm guessing no, though shout out to those two if they've kept the traditions alive. Realistically, the only thing that's the same about your February 14 as those of your childhood is the amount of chocolate you'll consume, so honor your lifelong love affair with this personal chocolate fountain that will change the way you indulge.

Before you start giving me the side eye for recommending something as bougie as a chocolate fountain (though bougie is more of a state of mind than an actual product, but I digress), hear me out. I, too, used to think of pools of melted chocolate as something for only the wealthiest of them all to enjoy; as something that sounded delicious but was just out of reach; as something Augustus Gloop would love too much in Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, like Icarus flying too close to the sun. And while a chocolate fountain does sound extremely luxurious and lavish, the wonders of modern technology have made it so you don't actually have to be living a penthouse life or win a bizarre candy contest from a recluse factory owner to enjoy their wonders. Enter Wilton's Chocolate Pro Chocolate Fountain.

Basically, it's an at-home chocolate fountain that's small enough to fit in the back cabinet when you're not using it, and it won't break the bank. The Wilton fountain can't give you an entire river of melted candy, but it can hold four pounds of chocolate at a time. That wouldn't have been enough for Augustus, but it'll probs do the trick for you.

Plus, the way the fountain is designed makes it optimal for serving a crowd of chocolate lovers. The bowl is designed to keep the chocolate flowing for however long you're using it so it'll never get hard or cold, and three canopies allow for easy dipping no matter how big your group is (see below). The only downside is you can't machine wash it because of the electric base that powers the fountain qualities, but the center tub disassembles for easy handwashing (worth it). And it's only $67 on Amazon, which is pretty reasonably priced for a lifetime of melted cocoa goodness if you ask me.

My fav feature is that you can set up the fountain ahead of time, so you don't have to scramble to get your amazing dessert together while you're cleaning up dinner. As the product description on Amazon explains, "Simply use the settings to preheat your chocolate fountain, then when it's time to party, switch it to 'flow' to start the cascading melted chocolate fountain." Sounds pretty easy to me. And you can serve whatever you want with the chocolate yumminess, which is ideal if you're dealing with some picky eaters. Even if your oldest prefers graham crackers and your toddler is in an apple phase, they can both enjoy the festive fun the fountain brings. You might want to dress the kiddos in trash bags or lay down a tarp to prevent any chocolate massacres to your kitchen, though.

It's not the Wonka Factory, but it's pretty close.