These $15 'PAW Patrol' Learning Watches Are Gonna Be Your Kid's Newest Obsession

Chances are, if you have a preschooler in your house, you understand that PAW Patrol is a big deal. A very big deal. So when I saw that VTech had launched a line of PAW Patrol Learning Watches, I knew they were going to be a huge hit on the playground — and that my kid was going to be asking me for one faster than I could say, "Chase is on the case."

The interactive watches, designed for ages 3-6, come in three different PAW Patrol characters: Chase (in his signature blue), Marshall (in red), and Skye (in pink), and are available now at Walmart and Amazon for $15. The colorful timepieces are fully functional, and include a clock, timer, stopwatch, and alarm. In fact, there are 12 different Paw Patrol faces programmed into it to help your child learn to tell time, but it's the watch's gaming functionality that really makes it unique. It boasts four different games to help your little one "recognize patterns, identify animal tracks, and pick the right tool for the job," according to a company rep.

The rescue-dog-themed watch also comes with some fun sound effects, including Ryder "calling his pups into action," as well as other popular catchphrases from the show that you've probably heard your kids shout at the top of their lungs, like "PAW Patrol, Let's roll."


These tricked out watches run on lithium battery, but the one included is for "demo purposes only" so you'll need to buy a new battery for regular use, according to This is key information if you're counting on the watch's four games to entertain your kiddo during a long car ride.

If your kid isn't quite old enough for a watch yet, but needs some more PAW Patrol in his/her life, don't worry. VTech, the high-tech toy maker behind the timepiece, also sells other toys with the pup squad theme, like the Pups to the Rescue Driver ($22, Walmart), which simulates driving a 'snowmobile and a hovercraft', or the Treat Time Marshall ($30, Walmart), which features bone-shaped letters, phonics and music. Both toys seem like they'd be total hits with kids (though maybe not parents given the noise level!).

And speaking of noise level, if you have some children's birthday parties on the family calendar this spring (every season seems to be a peak birthday season, right?), an interactive PAW Patrol watch could be a smart gifting move. For just $15, it's pretty affordable and you know all the kids are going to be flipping out over it — especially since there's a strong chance the party is going to be PAW Patrol-themed.

I personally have been on the hunt for a special present for my nephew's 6th birthday, and something tells me that if I'm the one who gives him a fancy PAW Patrol watch, I'll secure my status as favorite aunt for sure. Now I just need to remember some of those catchphrases so I can seem like I know what's up.