17 Affordable Beauty Products From Costco With The Best Ratings

Who knew that a trip to Costco could be almost as much fun as a trip to Sephora? When you head to Costco, you probably set out to stock your pantry and fill up your fridge with their oversized grocery items. But you might not realize that the warehouse store is also a great place to save money on your beauty routine. Next time you head to the store, you'll want to add some beauty products from Costco to your shopping list.

Not everything at Costco comes in bulk. Many of these products are the exact same size as you'd get at other stores, but much cheaper. If there's a bronzer, moisturizing cream, or serum you've been wanting to try, Costco just might have it.

The store is also a great place to stock up on beauty basics, including things like shampoo and conditioner, make up removers, and body wash. As a long-time Costco shopper, I'll offer this pro-tip: if you don't have the storage space to buy some of these products in the massive quantities they come in, consider finding a friend or family member who might want to go halfsies with you. That way you both get to take advantage of the lower prices, without needing to figure out how to store a supply of something it might take you years to get through.

These 17 beauty products will make you want to run to your nearest Costco to try them all out.


Becca Blush

Courtesy Kristina JohnsonCourtesy of Kristina Johnson

Becca products get solid reviews on the Costco website, so trying out their blush could be worth a shot. You can score one compact for $20, which saves you about $15 off the full retail price.


Facial Mist

Courtesy of Kristina Johnson

The secret ingredient in this refreshing facial mist? Fermented vinegar. You can try it out for $23.


Foot Mask

Courtesy of Kristina Johnson

Face masks are fun, but have you ever tried a foot mask? You can give your feet a little pampering with this set for $20.



Courtesy of Kristina Johnson

You'll always have perfectly shaped brows with this Tweezerman set. You get two pairs of tweezers, plus a leather carrying case, for $20.


Olay Total Effects

Courtesy of Kristina Johnson

You can try out Olay Total Effects daily moisturizer for $22, saving $10 off the retail price. The lotion has glowing reviews on from fans who say it really works, and smells great, too.


RoC Anti-Aging Duo

Courtesy of Kristina Johnson

You get to try two products with this $30 Roc Retinal Correxion set. It includes both eye cream and daily hydration cream. You're saving a good chunk of change versus buying them separately (which can set you back about $40)


Consonant Serum

Courtesy of Kristina Johnson

Consonant's Hydrextreme facial serum has dozens of five star reviews from product fans who say it helps reduce dryness and wrinkles. A one-ounce bottle will cost you $30, and you'll also get to try their Meta serum as well.


Go Smile Teeth Whitening

Courtesy of Kristina Johnson

A bright white smile can be your best beauty accessory. You can get your pearly whites a little whiter with this $30 Go Smile set. It includes two 14-packs, giving you a two week supply.


Boscia Cleansing Duo

Courtesy of Kristina Johnson

Don't have time for a charcoal mask? You could try out this charcoal-based cleanser from Boscia. The $20 set also comes with a sponge.


Perfume Rollerballs

Courtesy of Kristina Johnson

Create your own signature scent by mixing and matching the 10 scents included in this perfume blending collection. Any one of the 10 rollerballs, with scents like wood, citrus, and spice, can be worn alone, too.


Bare Minerals Bronzer

Courtesy of Kristina Johnson

Bare Minerals bronzer can help you fake a summer glow if you hadn't much time to work on your tan lately. You can snag one for $18.


Nexxus Shampoo And Conditioner

Courtesy of Kristina Johnson

Nexxus Humectress shampoo and conditioner are perfect for revitalizing dry and damaged hair. This twin pack gives you 33 ounces of each for $20 total.


Neutrogena Bath Gel

Courtesy of Kristina Johnson

Neutrogena's Rainbath shower gel has tons of positive feedback from reviewers who say it leaves their skin soft and smooth, and smells great, too. You can get a 40 ounce bottle for just $17.


Facial Towelettes

Courtesy of Kristina Johnson

Costco's Kirkland Signature store brand offers facial towelettes. You can use them to take off your makeup, or just give your face a quick and refreshing cleansing. You get 180 wipes for $13, and they're conveniently broken up into packs of either 30 or 15 wipes.


Swisspers Cotton Rounds

Courtesy of Kristina Johnson

Simple cotton rounds are another great option for cleaning your face and removing your makeup. Get a 900-count package of Swisspers for $13.


Venus Razor Cartridges

Courtesy of Kristina Johnson

They may not be a beauty product per se, but if shaving is a major part of your beauty routine, you could probably save lots of money by buying your razors in bulk. A 12 pack of these Gillette Venus razor cartridges is $30.


Venus Disposable Razors

Courtesy of Kristina Johnson

If you prefer disposable razors, Costco's got those, too. You can get a 15 pack of Gillette Venus disposable razors for sensitive skin for $25.