These 2 Zodiac Signs Are The Most Unpredictable, According To An Astrologer

Each zodiac sign has a distinct reputation — I'm the butt of an overly emotional Pisces joke pretty much everyday — but the reason for the label isn't always what you think. As for the most unpredictable zodiac signs, the root behind the reputation is actually a result of the signs' positive attributes rather than any negative qualities. Who knew?

Most people are unpredictable to some degree. As Art Markman, Ph.D., a cognitive psychologist, writes for Psychology Today, "unpredictability is a fundamental part of human nature," and everyone does things that are unexpected occasionally, whether it be going out one night when you're more prone to staying in or switching careers without warning. But there are certain types of people who are more prone to erratic behavior than others.

As it turns out, the most unpredictable zodiac signs are Geminis and Leos, according to professional astrologer and Feng Shui expert Donna Stellhorn. She tells Romper via email that these two signs are the most difficult to anticipate because they display the positive side of what people think of when they imagine someone who doesn't do what others expect — namely "[over-the-top] passion, excitement and fanatical devotion" — rather than hurtful behavior.


Despite both being unpredictable as a result of positive traits, the air and fire sign do get the label for different reasons. Stellhorn told Romper that Geminis are hard to predict because of their zest for life and welcoming nature of new adventures, which is compounded by the air sign's naturally flexible attitude towards people and moments. "The wind shifts and they are onto the next person or experience," Stellhorn says of Geminis, which others perceive as them being inconsistent. In reality, the twin sign is just going where life takes them, embracing change as it comes.

On the flip side, people label Leos, who Stellhorn describes as "rulers of kingdoms," as fickle because of their fiery reactions when their leadership gets threatened. "Like any ruler they can go to war in an instant if they feel their kingdom is threatened or if their “subjects” are not devoted to them," Stellhorn explains. That protective instinct over the people in their lives means their anger can flare up seemingly without warning — a surprising shift as Leos are typically "renowned for their stability, loyalty, and consistency" as Allure explained, but it makes sense once you understand their reasoning.


Although you might not love being called unpredictable if you're a Leo or a Gemini, take comfort in the fact that those traits open all kinds of doors for you. Stellhorn also divulges that there are other signs who are stereotypically unpredictable, like Aries because of their "anger [that] can flare up for a moment and then burn out" and Libras who are constantly trying to "balance the energies," leading them to bombard you with practical information when you're happy and fantasy-like images of the future when you're unhappy.

Regardless of why these signs may be labeled unpredictable, if you are one, just take comfort in the knowledge you'll always keep the people around you on their toes. Everyone needs a little spice in their life.