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Here's Hallmark's Original Movie Lineup For February

Valentine's Day is nearly upon us, and if your celebration strategy is to wait for all the chocolate to go on sale Feb. 15, then Hallmark is here to sustain your Valentine's Day spirit in the meantime. The network is releasing a number of original movies this month to indulge your inner sappy romantic with some premium cheesy love stories. The four Hallmark movies coming in February range from completely new stories to follow-up movies in already established Hallmark franchises — so if you've been dying for the next installment in Rachael Leigh Cook's Autumn in the Vineyard series, then your wait is over.

The movies were developed for Hallmark's Countdown to Valentine's Day campaign, but they're actually spaced throughout the month of February, so viewers can keep ~love month~ going well past Feb. 14 if they so choose. One new original movie will premiere on each Saturday in February, so viewers won't have long to wait for their next fix.

Hallmark has christened February "Unconditional Love Month," according to a press release, "celebrating the month of devotion with four all-new movies, the return of two beloved original series, and three pet-centered specials highlighting the network's corporate pet initiative, Adoption Ever After." Here's what viewers can expect from Hallmark's 2019 Valentine's-themed movies.

Valentine In The Vineyard

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As the third installment in the series, Valentine in the Vineyard is preceded by 2016's Autumn in the Vineyard and 2017's followup Summer in the Vineyard. The series follows vintners Frankie Baldwin (played by Cook) and Nate DeLuca as they juggle operating a vineyard and a relationship. They've just gotten engaged when Frankie's cousin bursts onto the scene announcing that she's getting married — and she wants a V-Day vineyard wedding with just four weeks' notice. Can Frankie and Nate handle the stress of planning someone else's wedding when theirs is on the horizon? Who can say! Valentine in the Vineyard premieres Saturday, Feb. 2.

The Story Of Us

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Set in small town Oregon, The Story of Us follows a local bookstore owner named Jamie as her and other small businesses are threatened by a big shot Portland property developer. Plot twist: the greedy villain just so happens to be Jamie's ex-boyfriend — and her most recent boyfriend is also still in the picture. The Story of Us airs Saturday, Feb. 9.

Love, Romance, and Chocolate

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Love, Romance, and Chocolate features a winning combination: a woman who gets jilted by her boyfriend on the eve of a romantic getaway to Belgium, a best friend who convinces her to go on the trip alone, and a handsome chocolatier waiting in Bruges to sweep her off her feet. I can think of worse rebounds than someone who crafts delicious treats for a living. Love, Romance, and Chocolate airs Saturday, Feb. 16.

Love on the Menu

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Another food-themed love story hitting Hallmark this February is Love on the Menu, a movie about a star-crossed chef and a frozen food executive. Hank, a struggling restaurant owner, is forced to go into business with Maggie to save his restaurant. But their spark complicates things. Maggie is left to sort out whether to remain loyal to her boss or strike out on her own — in love and in business — with Hank. Love on the Menu premieres Saturday, Feb. 23.