These 4 Joseph Duggar Quotes About His Wife Kendra Show That They Are Living With Purpose


If there are two things that the members of the Duggar family define themselves by, they seem to be faith and family. While best known for their reality TV shows and über-conservative views, the Duggars also make known their love for God and close family members. And these four Joseph Duggar quotes about his wife Kendra show that faith and family are at the top of his priorities as well.

Joseph Duggar is the fourth eldest of the famous 19 Kids & Counting and has recently taken a wife of his own. TLC first reported that after six months of "talking" Duggar and wife Kendra (previously Kendra Caldwell) decided to take their relationship to the next stage of "courting," officially confirming it in March. Courting is an important step in the Duggar relationship process, usually followed pretty quickly by engagement and marriage.

Duggar and Kendra were no exception to that tradition. Duggar popped the question at his sister Joy-Anna's wedding on May 27th, just a short time after beginning their courtship, according to E! News. The two tied the knot less than four months later, the outlet reported. While the build up to their marriage was short and sweet, Duggar managed to make a few sweet comments along the way that show just where his priorities lie.

His Values Align Well With Kendra's

Even in the talking stage, Duggar reports being very compatible with his future wife. In the TLC video announcing their courtship, he shared that the two were a good match from the beginning:

They Had A Plan When They Got Engaged

Duggar and Kendra have made their goals known from the beginning, sharing in their engagement announcement that they intend to spend their lives ministering together, growing their love for each other and for God. According to People, he said:

He Loves Marriage Already

Duggar and Kendra had an intimate wedding with 22 people in attendance, according to People, including his brother Josiah as best man and the Duggar sisters as bridesmaids. The were wed at First Baptist Church in Siloam Springs, Arkansas and shared with People that he is overjoyed to be a husband:

They Stuck With Their Plan

Along with expressing his happiness over marrying his bride, Duggar also shared that he and Kendra plan on staying local and following their shared dream of working in ministry. According to People, he said:

Duggar and Kendra are just beginning their life together, so it is likely that fans will see a lot more of them as time passes. For now, it looks like they are focusing on one another and their ministry. Bob and Michelle must be so proud.

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