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These 'HTGAWM' Theories Answer The Most Pressing Questions Of Season 5

The Season 5 premiere of How to Get Away with Murder raised more questions than it answered, which is pretty much par for the course with this show. Though it gave viewers a much needed update on all the characters, it also hinted at encroaching darkness that would once again spoil their temporary happiness. These 6 HTGAWM theories try to figure out how all the puzzle pieces will eventually fit together.

Every season follows two storylines: the future, where something horrible has just happened, and the present, where viewers get to see what led to the horrible event. This year, it looks like Connor and Oliver's wedding will be interrupted by someone expiring in the snow outside the venue. While they breath their last, Bonnie arrives to help them along with a hand over the mouth. Meanwhile, Laurel's son Christopher sits crying several feet away. As far as situations go, it's about as bad as it could get.

Just who that victim is remains a mystery. Could it be new arrival Gabriel Maddox, or a more familiar face? It's going to take all season for the story to unfold, but viewers don't have to wait to find some answers. Enter the following fan theories.

Gabriel Winterbottom

In Season 4, it was revealed that Bonnie had a child when she was a young teenager after being sexually assaulted by her father and other men. She was told her baby died, but Nate found paperwork that indicated she had a living son. When Gabriel Maddox enrolled Middleton University out of nowhere, it seemed like a sign. Maybe Gabriel is Bonnie's long lost son.

Gabriel Keating

But that might be too obvious. Reddit user htgawmfreak speculated that Gabriel is actually Sam's son from a previous relationship. Their evidence was that Gabriel specifically "brought up Sam's death as part of his argument to Annalise" in class, as well as the fact that him being Bonnie's son felt too much like a red herring. It definitely seems like Gabriel is connected to the Keating crew somehow, though there isn't much to link him to Sam at this point.

It's Not What It Looks Like

Bonnie appears to smother the unknown victim in the flash forwards, but Redditor martiandamon theorized that she was actually helping and the scene was just shot in a misleading way. "What might actually be happening: Someone stabbed the victim as she was holding the baby," they wrote. "Bonnie finds the victim and tries to stop the victim from [bleeding] to death because of her neck being cut open." Her hand wasn't going over their mouth and nose, but their gaping neck wound! It would certainly be a twist.

Don't Get Attached

Though the victim's identity wasn't revealed in the Season 5 premiere, Reddit user alisonrose1992 thought that it was Gabriel. The scene was shot from the point of view of the character who was potentially dying, before it cut to Gabriel's point of view as he arrived on campus in the present. The connection seemed indisputable.

You're Already Attached

Asher is back to whining about being left out this year, and it might end up having dire consequences for him if Redditor WrappedInPlastic31's theory is to be believed. They thought Asher might be the mystery victim. Another major death would shake up the show and Asher is in the perfect position to "descend into antagonist role," according to the Reddit user. Before he gets the chance to vengefully expose the Keating 5's misdeeds, he'll be killed. It's certainly possible, though Asher has a talent for sticking around.

Everything's Fine

Perhaps the biggest twist on a show with annual murders is for no one to get murdered. That's what Reddit user wowelephants thinks, anyway. Death might not be imminent, but injury could be: "So maybe they are just teaching somebody a lesson? Maybe someone got too close to revealing all their secrets and needed to be set straight?"

So many of these theories are plausible that it looks like Season 5 is going to be a real rollercoaster ride.