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7 'Castle Rock' Theories That Every Fan Should Hear

Hulu’s new series, Castle Rock, was inspired by the Stephen King universe. And although it wasn’t written by the author himself, the series features subtle (and not-so-subtle) references to places, characters, and events from his novels. As the plot continues to thicken, fans are forming theories that may explain exactly what is going on this sleepy (and creepy) little Maine town. If you’re ready to dive deep, here are some awesome Castle Rock theories that actually make sense.

Just over halfway through the season, the suspense is really building on Castle Rock. There is the big question of who and what “The Kid,” played by Bill Skarsgård, really is. He seems to have some supernatural tendencies, considering he hasn’t aged in the 27 years Warden Lacy had him locked up, believing he was the actual devil. Plus, there’s the mystery of Henry Deaver’s (Andre Holland) childhood, why he went missing for 11 days, and what exactly happened in the woods with his father, Reverend Deaver. Henry’s psychic connection with Molly Strand (Melanie Lynskey) adds to the mystery around him, and has fans questioning who and what he might be as well.

With King’s world of paranormal horror and pure human dysfunction as its setting, Castle Rock’s mysteries can go a number of different ways. Some die-hard King fans are linking characters and story details to his books, and others are looking at the series with a fresher perspective. In either case, I think some of these theories are worth looking into.

The Kid Is An Angel

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Since his release from Shawshank, The Kid seems to be inspiring mayhem wherever he goes. When he was confronted by Alan Pangborn and accused of being the devil, The Kid denied it and told Pangborn that things aren’t what they seem. He also offered to help Ruth Deaver (Sissy Spacek), who jumped off a bridge earlier that day. This has fans theorizing that The Kid may not be so bad after all.

One Reddit user, Rampage97t, theorized that “The Kid” might actually be an angel, who was brought to Castle Rock to “judge and punish those who have sinned,” but doesn’t actually enjoy doing it. Since the beginning, The Kid never seemed eager to leave the prison, and when on he was on the roof with Molly he said, “I shouldn’t be here, I should still be in the hole.” This could be an indicator that he isn’t as evil as he’s been made out to be.

Henry Deaver Is The Devil

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While some fans think that The Kid might be an angel, others are speculating that Henry Deaver is the devil. Reddit user Ken2Insuru theorized that the evil returned to Castle Rock when Henry arrived, because The Kid has been there all along. He also pointed out that one of Henry’s clients had died, and that he’s lost all of his cases so far. But the user also thinks that Henry doesn’t yet know what he is, but will eventually remember.

Castle Lake Is A Portal

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There’s something mysterious about Castle Lake — a lot of weird stuff seems to happen there. Castle Lake could be a portal of some sort, theorized Reddit user Exstarsis. This coule explain why Henry magically appeared there, why a helicopter crashed there, and why the creepy new resident of the town was mesmerized by the painting of the lake.

Henry Killed His Father

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Through a series of flashbacks, it is revealed that Molly is the person who actually unhooked Reverend Deaver’s ventilator to kill him, but some fans think that Henry might be the one to blame. Reddit user jhawksmoor theorized that Henry was psychically instructing Molly to do the deed. “I think she's connecting with him in what he feels and thinks, but doesn't see through his eyes,” the Redditor wrote. “I think she killed the dad because of what Henry was feeling. Either to protect him or carry out his feelings.”

Henry Is Hearing Something Supernatural

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In the first episode, you see Henry magically appear in the middle of the frozen Castle Lake accompanied by a deep howling noise that seems to echo throughout the forest. In one of Henry’s flashbacks, his father is seen asking him “Do you hear it now,” which has some fans speculating the noise has something to do with the chaos in Castle Rock.

“The 'voice' of God maybe?” questioned Redditor Bed_DOg, while other Reddit users Olily and Rolidu theorized it to be the call of the Wendigo, a fictional being from King’s novels. “My first thought was a wendigo. But that was in Pet Semetary and The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon,” wrote Olily, “In Pet Semetary the wendigo sounds like a loon calling and the forest groaning,” added Rolidu.

The Kid Is The Crimson King

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Some King fans are connecting The Kid’s character to one of his recurring villains, The Crimson King, who gets other people to do his bidding. “I’m thinking The Crimson King could be at play here,” wrote Redditor Mander4Ever. “When young-er Henry is asked to repeat certain words in any order his color is white and when The Kid is asked, his color is red.”

The Kid Is A Desjardin

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In an earlier episode, viewers were introduced to the Desjardin family, who apparently lost a baby during childbirth. Some fans have theorized that The Kid is the Desjardin child that was rumored to have died decades before.

“I think that The Kid is the Desjardin baby that supposedly died,” wrote Reddit user KatanaAmerica, “With a dead mother and an overwhelmed/incarcerated father, the Lacy family offers to adopt/foster the baby on the down low. The Kid somehow blinds or hurts Lacy’s wife, so Alan Pangborn is told of the arrangement but keeps it a secret Lacy become.s convinced that the Kid is of unholy origin (remember? Ruth said that the townspeople thought the Desjardins were satanists) and locks him away [sic].”