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7 'Westworld' Reveals To Help You Figure Out What's Even Happening On The Show

by Mishal Ali Zafar

After the insanely brilliant trek into Shogun World, Westworld's sixth episode, "Phase Space", slows down the pace, but reveals some major character developments. Of course, in true Westworld fashion, these developments spurred just as many questions as they answered, but the episode did help bring the story to a character nexus. Bearing in mind that things aren’t always what they seem on this show, these Westworld reveals might help you figure out WTF is going on with the characters so far.

“Phase Space” turned out to be a little less action packed then the last episode, but it did have its share of amazing moments, including the elegant, yet brutal sword fight between Musashi and his arch rival Tanaka. And when Akane lays Sakura to rest at Snow Lake, her reiteration of Maeve’s sentiment -- "We each deserve to choose our fate, even if that fate is death." -- is pretty poetic.

But beautiful moments aside, their was plenty of character growth in this episode, which brought some of the story lines into perspective. Remember, nothing is ever certain when it comes to this crazy, wonderful show, but here are a few of the crucial details revealed in Westworld that you can easily take to the water cooler to discuss.


Dolores Is In Control Of Some Version of Bernard

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In the first scene of the episode, it looks like a throwback to one of Dolores’ and Bernard/Arnold’s usual, private discussion sessions. However, in a true Westworld style twist, it turns out that Dolores is the one in control. She asks Bernard to “cease all motor functions” and tells him she is putting him through a test of fidelity, one that she has done “countless times.” This shows that in some timeline, Dolores has had the ability to control, program, and test other hosts. Why she’s doing it is a whole other question. Is she building a version of Arnold, Bernard, or something else entirely?


Teddy Is Now A Total Bad Ass

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If you loved Teddy’s endearing and sympathetic nature, I have bad news. After Dolores prompted her gang to hold Teddy down, and asked the Delos tech to reprogram him, Teddy is now officially a bad ass. Not only is he more aggressive, he murders with no remorse, and is even getting a little snappy with Dolores. She does look a little taken aback by the monster she’s created, but I guess that’s what she needs him to be to survive the upcoming war.


Maeve Finally Meets Her Daughter

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After seeing her pine for her long lost daughter, fans were rooting for Maeve to find her. Well, after a long, arduous journey, Maeve finally finds her old house with her daughter sitting on the porch as if she was waiting for her. Right when Maeve got to talking, her daughter’s new mom showed up, followed by a bloodthirsty Ghost Nation. Knowing the fate of her daughter from the past, Maeve grabs her and runs to safety, leaving the new mom behind to die. It will be sad to see Maeve watch her daughter deal with the same loss she did, but hey, at least they’re together now.


Bernard Is In The Cradle

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After Elsie and Bernard find the Cradle room, they realize that they can only access it through a host, so Bernard volunteers to stick his brain into the machine. Remember, the Cradle is a database that contains all the hosts’ memories and data, and can also run simulations for the hosts. Depending on where in the timeline this is all happening, this could be the answer to why you see Bernard in multiple timelines.


Robert Ford Is Back

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While the real Robert Ford died from suicide via robot, it looks like he uploaded his consciousness into the Cradle. When Bernard’s orb like brain is uploaded into the server, he finds himself in Sweetwater getting off the same seat and train as Teddy usually did. He walks over to the saloon where he hears the piano playing, to find Robert Ford sitting at the keys greeting him with a cryptic “Hello, old friend.” The park meant so much to him, he made his conscious a permanent fixture in the Cradle, which could answer how he gets messages through other hosts to William.


Delos and Charlotte Believe They Have What They Want

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After capturing Abernathy from right under Dolores’ nose, Charlotte brings him back to the compound with Stubbs. She breaks open a secret laptop and messages Delos to send an extraction team, which they finally do, because they now think they have what they want. Remember, Delos is looking for some kind of super important code that was uploaded to Abernathy. Now what that code is, what is does, and whether in fact it’s still inside Abernathy is up for debate, but Delos is now moving on the faith that they got what they needed.


William And His Daughter Share A Painful Past

When William and his daughter, Grace talk about why she’s really there, the discussion provides a much needed backstory about William’s life. Grace tells him that she wants to get him out of the park, because she thinks that his blame for her mother's death is what made him obsessed with the park and the game. “I shouldn’t have said her death was your fault,” she tells him, “but I’m not going to let you stay here now and go out in some bullshit blaze of glory.” The exchange give some insight into William's home life and how his wife struggled with his obsession with the park. It could foreshadow why he's made the decisions he has in the past.