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Here's Some Adorable Evidence That Proves Prince Harry Will Be The Best Dad

With Meghan Markle's due date rapidly approaching, I can't help but imagine the flood of sweet family photos to come. Prince Harry's charity work and public outings have afforded him many chances to be photographed with little ones. As such, these adorable Prince Harry moments with kids prove he'll be the best dad.

Kensington Palace announced Markle's pregnancy back in October, sharing the official message from the family. And just a couple of months ago, Markle told fans while she was out in Hamilton Square, that her due date is in late April. “We asked her how her pregnancy was going and she said she was six months and she tapped her tummy,” a supporter named Carla Gandy reportedly told People.

From there, fans and the media alike tracked Prince Harry and Markle's journey towards parenthood, counting down the days until the world would be blessed with yet another royal baby. And while there are likely still a few weeks left until the baby makes his or her arrival — Markle and Prince Harry don't know the sex of their baby yet, as is royal protocol, according to Elle — there are quite literally hundreds of photos of Prince Harry interacting with children to hold you over until the baby is born.

Just a few of the sweet interactions are catalogued for you below. Try to make it through them without dying of royal baby fever.

That Time A Toddler Stole His Popcorn

If I had to rank Prince Harry's interactions with littles by cuteness, this one would take the cake. While at the Invictus Games — the Paralympic sports tournament he started — a tiny thief made off with some of his snacks in the stands, according to Vanity Fair.

And if there's one skill that a parent to young children must have, it's the ability to share your snacks even when you don't want to. When this little girl stole some of Harry's popcorn, he was more than willing to share with her.

That Time He Showed Off His Dance Moves

Back in 2013, Prince Harry took some time away from his busy schedule to bust a move with children supported by the British charity he founded in the African kingdom of Lesotho, according to Entertainment Tonight. He visited with children at the Kananelo Center for the deaf and they all danced the day away together.

Can you picture him dancing with his little baby during the long, sleepless nights? Because I definitely can.

That Time He Let A Boy Grab His Beard

Another classic Prince Harry moment: the time a little boy in Dubbo, Australia couldn't get enough of his "ginger beard."

On the second day of his and Markle's 16-day tour of Australia and the South Pacific on Tuesday, Prince Harry let 5-year-old Luke Vincent from Buninyong Public School test the texture of his royal beard, as TIME reported.

Every Time He Picked A Baby Out Of The Crowd

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Royal family members participate in scores of public events throughout the year. And I don't think you could find a single one of those events, attended by Prince Harry, where he didn't seek out the littlest members of the public to gush over them. That love for babies will serve him well as a dad, for sure.

Every Time He Was An Amazing Uncle

Before Prince Harry was a father-to-be, he was an uncle to his brother Prince William's three kids. He has shared his love for William's children times and again, but my favorite quote of his about being an uncle comes from a June 2017 interview with the Daily Mail about his movement down the line of royal succession:

The reason I am now fifth is because of my nephew and niece and I could never wish them away ... They are the most amazing things ever.

All of these interactions make clear Prince Harry's love for children, and I have no doubt that that love will only multiply once he meets his own child. There isn't much of wait left for him, so fans will get a peek into his paternal passion soon enough.