These Are The 3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Have A Personality Disorder

When you think of personality disorders, you might think in extremes or stereotypes. Part of this might be because you're not as familiar with the different disorders that fall under the category of personality disorders as you are with disorders like anxiety and depression. And while things like your preferences, job, zodiac sign, or even specific personality traits can't guarantee whether you will or won't develop a personality disorder, because your zodiac sign can say a lot about you, you might wonder what it might say about your mental health. The zodiac signs most likely to have a personality disorder aren't the only ones that display traits or characteristics that can sometimes be indicative of a disorder and, of course, just because your sign is listed doesn't mean that you have one. However, having a personality disorder is nothing to be ashamed of, just like any other disorder, mental or physical, is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed by. A doctor or other qualified mental health professional is the only one that's going to be able to diagnose or treat a personality disorder if need be.

There are three kinds of personality disorders, Cluster A, Cluster B, and Cluster C, as Mayo Clinic noted. A personality disorder, regardless of the specific type or cluster, is characterized by "a rigid and unhealthy pattern of thinking, functioning and behaving," as the previously-mentioned article from Mayo Clinic noted. A number of different disorders fall under this general umbrella. If you're worried that you or a loved one has a personality disorder or any other mental health disorder, seeking (or encouraging them to seek) professional help is a good place to start.

"Of course a doctor or therapist would be the best to diagnose a personality disorder, but when it comes to astrology, a natal birth chart can give us huge insight as to why someone would be experiencing unhealthy behaviors," Jaye of tells Romper in an email exchange. "In-depth astrology is all about balancing the self — both our 'dark' and 'light' sides — and finding out what makes us tick. Healing and wholeness comes when we accept all parts of ourselves and work with what we’ve got to live a healthy, fulfilled life."

While any sign could develop one, below are the three signs who may be most likely to have a personality disorder, according to astrologers.


Virgo (August 23—September 22)

Linda Joyce, a life coach, author, and astrologer, tells Romper that mutable sign Virgo is one of the ones that could potentially be more likely to have a personality disorder. Because Virgo is a sign that can sometimes deal with obsession, things can get complicated depending upon how it's dealt with. "The obsessive side of Virgo is really about focusing and pushing yourself past your fear boundaries," she says. "So you can either push past the fear boundaries in a very positive way that allows you to take a risk in life and learn more, grow more, be more empowered, and learn your own skills, or you can push down an avenue that doesn’t even exist, but you want it to, and create a false reality that you live in. And we all have these in pieces, it’s just when somebody gets these too put together in an extreme."


Scorpio (October 23—November 21)

Scorpio is another sign that might be more likely to have a personality disorder than some, though, of course, all signs can develop them. "Scorpio waters run very deep. They have a lot of emotion, and when they suppress it or don’t channel it constructively, it can come out in lots of interesting ways," Joshua MacGuire, a psychic, astrologer, and life coach, tells Romper in an email exchange. "In a lot of ways, it’s because they’re so deep that they actually detach from their emotions, yet the emotions have to go somewhere, and sometimes it’s through histrionic expression. Scorpio’s volcanic emotion needs a channel, or they can erupt inappropriately and illogically."


Aquarius (January 20—February 18)

Finally, when it comes to Aquarius, their eccentricities and other parts of their personality might mean that they're also perhaps more prone to certain disorders. "They are rebellious by nature; if you zig, they’ll zag," MacGuire says. "They see themselves as different, and if taken to an unhealthy degree, it can result in little desire for social interaction." Over a period of time, if they withdraw from others or, as MacGuire noted, become fearful, that can start to look less like a certain preference or idiosyncrasy and more like a personality disorder.

Regardless of your zodiac sign, if you're concerned about a mental health issue (personality disorder or not), speaking to your doctor or therapist can help and can determine whether it's something that needs to be addressed more specifically or aggressively.

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