For Keeping Your Drinks & Snacks Cold, The Baby Yoda Igloo Cooler *Is The Way*

by Cat Bowen

My family are Star Wars superfans. In fact, my son is watching The Force Awakens in the next room as I write this article. So when I saw that Igloo was making these Baby Yoda coolers, as well as other Star Wars designs, I knew I had to get my hands on one.

While these coolers would be a hit for the beach or a backyard barbecue, I personally think it would be hilarious and perfect if you use your Baby Yoda cooler to store the breast milk you pump when you're out and about. However, if it appears blue like the alien walrus variety that Luke Skywalker prefers, you might want to get that checked out, just in case. These Baby Yoda coolers, as well as the other designs, come in various sizes and are priced starting at $30. They also have Star Wars-themed growlers and tumblers to go with your coolers.

These are selling out fast, so if you're interested in getting one of the galactic designs, you're going to want to jump on it at light speed. There are a great many of us fans out there, and we like our frosty beverages and chilled storage.

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My daughter is desperate for us to get one of the bigger coolers to store all of our snacks in for our planned summer camping trip. She has big plans of using our movie projector and a sheet to watch Return of The Jedi while in the woods, "just like the Ewoks would want us to do." And honestly, it's a pretty good idea. Anyone who grew up in the '90s knows the Igloo cooler with its famous top-down design. We can all picture our parents pulling out cans of PBR and Coors Light while tossing us a cool and refreshing Hi-C Ecto Cooler. Now you get to be the one tossing back a cold one while giving your child a drink that's likely healthier than what we drank as kids. (Let's be honest, it's probably water. We are boring parents.)

If only Igloo made a Star Wars cooler specifically for a box of rosé wine with an exterior hole for the spigot, that would be the coolest.

Until that day comes, I will have to adapt and pour my wine into a 32-ounce growler, pouring as the day goes on, and basically living my best life. Just don't get your growler of wine mixed up with your kids' growler of grape juice and you're all good.