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Fans Are Buzzing Over The 'Big Little Lies' Finale & The Theories Are wild

There's only one episode left in the second season of Big Little Lies, leaving fans to wonder how it all will end. With all of Season 2's new twists, there are a lot of paths the writers could take for a big finale. Some fans have already taken to the internet to dissect all the possibilities. Actually, these Big Little Lies theories are so good, you'll want to start from the beginning to work through the small moments you might've missed.

The first season of the show was based on the book of the same name by Liane Moriarty — but she didn't write a sequel. That means there are a lot of directions Season 2 could take, and fan theories know no bounds.

With Mary Louise in everyone's business, Celeste fighting to keep custody of her boys, Madeline keeping more secrets from Ed, Renata fighting the aftermath of bankruptcy, Jane trying to figure out the whole Corey relationship, and Bonnie on the verge of cracking, the finale might be the biggest episode yet. It's hard to top Perry's demise, but the addition of his mother, Mary Louise, introduced a plethora of other threads to unravel. With that, let me dive into some theories circulating about the series finale.

Perry Killed His Twin Brother Raymond

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One of the most talked about theories is that when Perry and his twin brother, Raymond, were 5-years-old, Perry killed him. To take it a step farther, Mary Louise may have known, and she helped cover it up. The whole "accident" conversation is a bit too vague, and knowing how Perry turned out, it's extremely possible. Perry talked about wanting Celeste all to himself. Perhaps he felt the same way about the mother he shared with Raymond. But would the writers make such an obvious choice? Though likely, I'm not convinced.

Corey Is Perry's Brother

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Now that you've seen Corey exit the police station, I'll bet you have some questions. One Reddit user, Pershing415, pointed out that Corey could be Perry's long lost brother (though too young to be Raymond) from when his father remarried. He may be on his own journey for answers about what happened to Perry, while simultaneously (and secretly) gathering intel from the Monterey Five.

Mary Louise Has Been Drugging Celeste

Hear me out. Celeste has admitted to taking Ambien to help her sleep, but what if Mary Louise has been drugging her throughout the day to make sure she's not performing at her best for the boys? Celeste only began taking the prescription after Mary Louise came into town so it's a little suspicious that this is happening now, as Mary Louise takes her to court for custody of the boys, and uses the stand to get answers about Perry's death. She's one spiteful woman, so I wouldn't put it past her.

Someone Will Find Bonnie's Journal

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Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie. I understand her need to get the feelings out, but someone will find that journal and use against her. It's imminent.

Bonnie Will Drown

Both seasons haven't lacked for water shots. Season 2 has been heavy-handed with drowning imagery associated with her mother. It could be a metaphor for what she's feeling inside, or it could be foreshadowing, warning fans that Bonnie will never recover from all the trauma, guilt, and pain. Either her mother wakes and drowns her, or, as some fans have speculated, Bonnie takes her own life.

Madeline Will Find Out About Ed And Tori

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It has to happen; it has to. The motive doesn't matter. Ed clearly has a lot of anger over Madeline's infidelity (and rightfully so), but the trust thing keeps coming back up. Whether Ed goes through with anything or not, Madeline's tough exterior is already crumbling so this would be the perfect chance to break her down completely. She might even be the first to confess to the police, ironically.

Mary Louise Will Die

It would be a fitting end to the second season for Mary Louise to die by the same hands Perry did, wouldn't it?

Corey Is An Informant

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If Corey isn't a blood relative to Perry, his presence is still somewhat unsettling. His motive in befriending Jane might have nothing to do with avenging Perry and something to do with working for the police to get evidence or a confession or anything that might help Detective Quinlan. Either way, he's shady.

Who knows which, if any, of these theories turn out to be correct. However the series ends, hold on to your hats.