For Those Days Full Of Boob Sweat, There Are Now Cooling Packs To Stuff In Your Bra

by Cat Bowen

When I was first breastfeeding, there were times when I would just shove bags of frozen peas down my shirt for a little bit of cooling nipple relief. Anyone who has let a brand new human figure out how to eat by chomping down their nipple will tell you that it is not a comfortable process — at least in the beginning. Your boobs get sore, they get achy, and they get hot. Apparently, there are plenty of people with this problem, because Polar Products developed ice packs for your boobs that slide into your bra a lot easier than a bag of peas ever could.

These bra inserts are specifically designed to cool off your breasts without making them uncomfortably cold. These ice packs for your boobs stay at around 58 degrees Fahrenheit, which while chilly, isn't going to make you feel like your nipples are going to freeze so hard that they're going to snap in two. It's just sweet, sweet relief for hot days and irritated mammaries. They come in two sizes: one for A, B, and C cups, and a larger size for cup sizes D and larger. The covers for the packs are made of 100 percent cotton twill, which make them not only soft and gentle, but also machine washable.

I cannot imagine a greater tease to a nursing mother than a cooling bra insert that's dry clean or hand wash only. Nobody has time for that.

These gel coolers do not require a freezer to be activated, though that is an option. The manufacturers wrote on their website that these can be activated in the fridge, or even in a basin of ice water. The gel will keep a constant temperature of 58 degrees Fahrenheit for a period of up to two hours. They are non-toxic and non-flammable, and they work in any climate. Polar noted that these ice packs for your boobs are not impacted by extreme heat or humidity — a real boon for those of us dealing with the oppressive summer heat.

People love them for a variety of reasons, with one reviewer writing, "I have had MS since January of 1989. Polar products are amazing! They are wonderful and such a life saver for me, once I cool down using the bra coolers... I come back to life. When I am outside I carry my cooler with me so that I can exchange the wraps when I need to. Polar has made it possible for me to live and I have been using them for years. They are always kind and considerate. I don’t know what I would without Polar Products!!! They are better than Santa Claus."

Better than Santa Claus is high praise indeed. Personally, I think they could really help me as I train outside for my first half marathon since injuring my spine. Because I am so out of shape compared to the last time I was conditioning, I find myself constantly on the verge of overheating, even at just a brisk walk. It is just so hot outside, and it is really putting a damper on my training. These bra inserts could help me when I feel like I cannot continue because my bra is 100 percent saturated with sweat.

Boobs are uncomfortable enough as it is. They require special undergarments and consideration when you get dressed. I am surprised that it took someone this long to develop some sort of cooling aid for breasts, as they really could use the help.

Whether you're a mom who is in the throes of breastfeeding, or someone who just runs a little hot, these cooling bra inserts might be just the thing for you.