These Custom Baby Shark Vans Keep Selling Out (But Don't Worry, They're Restocking)

Just when you think you've seen every Baby Shark themed item imaginable, another adorable predator product pops up to feed your kiddo's ever growing love. This time, prepare to wow your toddler with custom Baby Shark Vans that come complete with illustrations of Mama, Daddy, Grandpa, and of course Baby Shark. Fingers crossed your little one doesn't grow out of them before they grow out of their love the viral toddler tune.

You can thank Etsy seller 818 Vinyl Creations for these marine-themed kicks, a company that specializes in customizing sneakers to display kids' (and adults') favorite characters. Most of the products are targeted towards kids, with themes like Sesame Street and Joja Siwa, but parents will find some more grown up options, too. (I'm physically restraining myself from adding their Friends shoes to my cart.)

Of all the products 818 makes though, your toddler will likely be the most interested in the Baby Shark shoes, which feature all the characters they love from the viral song. They're easily recognizable and decorated in the now iconic style of the baby shark family, so they'll go well with the backpack, stuffed animals, and myriad of other shark novelty items I'm sure your little one has collected at this point. And they're Vans, so you know they'll be sturdy.

Behold, your little one can represent all of their favorite shark friends with their feet thanks to 818. The Baby Shark Vans are available as slip-ons or laced versions, so you can pick whichever style your kid prefers. It might feel like a bit of a risky purchase though, since the custom design means you can't return or exchange the product. I suggest going to your local shoe store to have your kid try on some Vans before ordering, as it'll help you make sure you get the right size. And on the bright side, the paint is designed to be permanent, so you don't have to worry about fading if your kid wears them every day.

The brand actually has a few different Baby Shark inspired shoes, though the other options don't feature all of the Baby Shark universe characters like these do. Some do have most of the characters on them, or you can get shoes spotlighting one shark in particular, like pink or yellow shark. Select styles even come in adult sizes, like these Baby Shark converse, so you can feel free to get yourself a matching pair if you are as obsessed with the song as your offspring. And if your kid is moving out of their baby shark phase, you can scroll through 818 Vinyl Creation's full array of custom shoes and see if anything else strikes their fancy. The world is your oyster.

The shoes retail for $65, but they're currently listed as sold out on Etsy. However, a rep from 818 Vinyl tells Romper via Etsy chat that they're restocking today, meaning you're just in time to get the shoes of your kid's dreams. Keep an eye on the site so you can solidify your spot as parent of the year ASAP.