If Your Tot Loves Jimmy Fallon's Children's Book, They'll Love These Even More

Children's toy brand, Mudpuppy, recently released flash cards and puzzles to accompany Jimmy Fallon's books, which means your busy toddler is about to get even busier. The hilarious host of NBC’s The Tonight Show is also a New York Times bestselling author of two children's books, Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada and Everything is Mama. Even if you haven't yet had a chance to snag these cute titles, you and your toddler will still love the colorful illustrations (baby animals!) and fun new words found in the Dada and Mama Collection.

The flash cards are a lot cuter than the highlighter-covered ones you may remember from high school, and the illustrations are based on those from the original books and their respective themes: The set of 13 double-sided cards accompanying Fallon’s first children's book, Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada, focuses on teaching children the names of animals (think cows, turtles, penguins, and sloths, because seriously who isn’t obsessed with baby sloths). The set that correlates with Everything is Mama on the other hand focuses more on everyday objects (in the life of a child) including “balloon,” “apples,” and “shoes.”

These cards are intended to help children ages 1 and up learn their first words in an adorable way. And because toddlers aren’t necessarily known for, you know, keeping track of their belongings, these flash cards come with a reclosable ring: The cards can be removed from the ring and repurposed to play matching games or used as sweet nursery decorations.

The Dada and Mama Gift Collection also includes Puzzle Pairs and Jumbo Puzzles. Each set of Puzzle Pairs includes 10 two-piece activities which encourage children ages 2 and up to match a pair of similar images (a baby sheep and its dada, for example.)

Jumbo Puzzles are exactly what they sound like: 25 large pieces that are easy for little hands to maneuver during child-led play. It's designed for children ages 2 and up, comes packaged in a sturdy, tantrum-safe box with a rope handle. All the pieces are printed using non-toxic ink, which is a good thing, as toddlers have been known to put colorful, non-edible things in their mouths.

The release of the Mama and Dada Gift Collection comes on the heels of the news that Fallon will be releasing a third book, This is Baby. The book, which will teach children first words about body parts, is set to be released by Feiwel & Friends on Oct. 8, 2019. Fallon, 44, and his wife, Nancy Juvonen, are parents to two young daughters, 6-year-old Winnie Rose and 5-year-old Frances Cole. So it was not without a deep understanding of parenthood that in April, Fallon told People, "I was gonna write a book called There’s Nothing Worse Than Installing a Car Seat, but this was a much cuter topic.” I’m still eagerly awaiting that imagined title.

Jason Merritt/TERM/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Mama and Dada Flash Cards, Jumbo Puzzles, and Puzzle Pairs are available now on Mudpuppy, Amazon, and in select stores. The best news? Each item clocks in under $15.