Gendry Has Had An Eventful Evening On 'Game Of Thrones'

Gendry has had an eventful night on Game of Thrones: he started it hooking up with a face-swapping serial killer, muddled through the most poorly-lit battle in history, and ended it with a brand new house. It's a rollercoaster! And these Gendry tweets from Game of Thrones prove fans are simply delighted by the good fortune that has befallen everyone's second-favorite bastard.

In the chaos of the Battle of Winterfell, it was difficult to tell who survived and who ended up unwittingly joining the army of the dead. But Episode 4 ushered in the light of day, where it became more than clear that most of the main characters were utterly unharmed. After looking death in the eye and living to tell the tale, all Gendry hoped to do was cross paths with Arya again. Just to, you know, catch up. See how she was doing. No other reason, definitely not.

Gendry was about to exit the celebratory post-battle feast, perhaps to look for Arya, when he caught Daenerys' attention. She quizzed him on his lineage as Robert Baratheon's only living son and wondered who was looking after the family estate, Storm's End. Everyone collectively held their breath just in case Dany was about to execute him for being related to a usurper, but she had an honor to bestow instead.

Daenerys legitimized Gendry, making him officially a Baratheon and the lord of Storm's End. Gendry is essentially Westeros' answer to Cinderella: over the course of one fancy party, he went from pauper to man of property, bastard to lord of the manor. Gendry is in a newly powerful position that opens up all kinds of possibilities for his future. Provided his chosen queen ends up on the throne, he'll have land, money, and the means to do as he likes.

The first thing he would like to do upon receiving this boon is find Arya. He locates her lurking in another part of Winterfell and immediately has to dodge an arrow to the head; considering knife-throwing is a major part of their foreplay, I assume he does not mind. He informs her of the big news and then indulges in a few smooches, but soon take things just a touch too far in his excitement.

Gendry declares that he loves Arya and wants to be with her. After one solitary romp in a storage room, he puts himself on the line and asks for her hand in marriage. He wants to make her the lady of Storm's End and unknowingly fulfill that long-ago offer his father made to marry one of his sons to one of Ned Stark's daughters. But as much as Arya likes him, she's not about that life.

Arya never wanted to be a lady. She knew that from the start; she was born to do exactly what she ended up doing, unconventional and murder-y though it may be. And while Gendry is sure to be disappointed now, he has more important things to worry about. A botched proposal will seem like small potatoes compared to the full-scale war that's about to break out in Westeros.