These ‘Golden Girls’ Shot Glasses Come With Their Very Own Drinking Game

by Morgan Brinlee

While there hasn't been a fresh episode of The Golden Girls in 28 years, the sitcom remains one of the most beloved shows of all time. Although centered around the friendship of four senior-citizen roommates, the show boasts fans of all ages. And for those fans old enough to drink, these Golden Girls shot glasses are the perfect accessory to have on hand the next time you stream reruns of the classic sitcom (especially because they come with their own drinking game).

Kristin Salaky of Delish was among the first to tip the greater world off to Just Funky's set of four Golden Girls shot glasses — and thank god she did. Each 1.5 ounce glass comes in a different color and features a picture of either Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, or Sophia making them a fun piece of collective memorabilia to display.

But that's not all: Turn the shot glasses around and you have the instructions for a Golden Girls drinking game. To play, participants need only to fire up their favorite episode of The Golden Girls, grab a glass and a drink of choice, and read the instructions on the back of the glass they've selected. For example, if you've opted for the Dorothy glass, you'll find your instructions are to, "Drink when Dorothy starts a sentence with Ma." If you've picked the Sophia glass you'll, "Drink when Sophia tells you to picture Sicily." Whomever holds the Blanche glass will "Drink whenever Blanch mentions Big Daddy," while the player with the Rose glass will "Drink whenever Rose says a weird word from St. Olaf" (of course).

Naturally, fans of the show will know there's a reason why Just Funky selected these specific words and phrases — they crop up a lot in every season.

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If taking shots isn't quite your style, there's still plenty of The Golden Girls drinking memorabilia to choose from. Perhaps your gang would prefer to toast with this set of four The Golden Girls stemless wine glasses, which feature fan-favorite catch phrases from the show. Or perhaps you'd rather serve up slushy, tropical drinks in this set of four Geeki Tikis The Golden Girls Cast Mugs, which see each Golden Girl character reimagined in a tiki-style. Geeki Tikis' Golden Girl mugs also come in a miniature version.

If you'd rather throw caution to the wind and take your chance with how often Rose reflects on St. Olaf, you can buy Just Funky's The Golden Girls drinking game shot glasses at both Amazon and Target for $22.99.