Harry Potter cookie cutter set
Williams Sonoma

These Harry Potter Cookie Cutters Make Me Want To Eat A Frosted Hedwig

I sometimes wonder if J.K. Rowling could possibly have predicted what tremendous success she would have with Harry Potter. Her book series has spawned movies, theme parks, a Broadway show and every type of merchandise you can possibly imagine, like these Harry Potter cookie cutters from Williams Sonoma I recently discovered. How cute are they? Perfect for use at a birthday party or as a gift, if you've got a wizarding world fan in your life that happens to like cookies, well, it simply doesn't get any more perfect. Oh wait, it does: the cookie kit is currently on sale.

So what exactly can junior bakers expect from this kit sold exclusively at Williams Sonoma? Turns out, quite a lot. First, the 26-piece set includes 8 stainless steel cookie cutters in iconic wizarding world shapes: Hedwig, Deathly Hallows Symbol, Hogwarts Express, Broomstick, Sorting Hat, Snitch, Glasses and Lightning Bolt. The cutters create detailed impressions that any Harry Potter fan will be able to point out a mile away. In the durable clear polyethylene and BPA-free set, you will also find 12 icing bags, 4 decorating tips, and 1 plastic coupler (a device used for holding the decorating tips on the end of a pastry bag). We're talking professional cookie decorating tools here, my friends.

When you're ready to use your set, simply press the cutters into your favorite rolled-out dough (my kids and I love the taste of Immaculate Bakery's Organic Vanilla Sugar cookie dough, because let's face it, mama doesn't always have time to make cookies from scratch). Then, after your cookies are out of the oven and cooled, bring them to life in all of their Hogwarts glory with colorful icings applied with the included bags and decorating tips. You can even store them in this Hedwig the Snowy Owl cookie jar if you like.

As you celebrate the magic of The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with Williams Sonoma's exclusive cookie decorating kit, I can't help but wonder... in terms of Harry Potter merchandise, what on earth will they think of next? In the meantime, we've got cookies to eat. Happy baking, Muggles.