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These Movies To Watch With Dad On Netflix On Father’s Day Will Have You Feeling All The Feelings


If you prefer to avoid restaurant crowds on holidays a night at home on Father's Day is a great idea. But it presents challenges. After you decide on the dinner menu there's the matter of the movie to settle. Dads have diverse tastes, so I compiled a list of the best movies to watch with dad on Netflix on Father's day. Of course you are going to let him choose but you need to know which direction to nudge him. I have them all covered.

Before you dive in, it might be best to decide on dad's probable movie flavor of choice. Let me give you some examples. If young kids are joining the festivities, there's the Disney Dad, the Superhero Dad and maybe even Pet Lover Dad.

If everyone at movie night is an adult, the decision gets harder but there are still ways to narrow it down. Is your dad a documentary kind of guy? Does he love to laugh or is he more appreciative of the dramatic side of Hollywood? There are fathers who love a good cry at the movies and fathers who love a good sports story. I'm also familiar with the romcom enthusiast. This list leaves no dad behind.


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I'm starting with movies for dads who love Disney, because there really is no shame in going this route even if there are no kids around. My first choice in this genre would be Coco, which tells the story of Miguel's search to find his great-great grandfather in The Land of The Dead. He hopes the former legendary musician will help him convince his family to lift their ban on music. Or, if your dad's a bigger fan of aliens, Lilo & Stitch never disappoints.

Dolphin Tale

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If dad and the kids at movie night are animal lovers, there are plenty of titles to choose from but my favorite option is Dolphin Tale, the true life story of humans' quest to save a dolphin's life after losing its tale to a crab trap. The film stars Ashley Judd, Morgan Freeman, and Harry Connick Jr. There's also a sequel you can stream, so there are many hours of feel-good vibes in store.

Black Panther

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There are plenty of superhero movies available on Netflix depending on the ages of your movie night attendees. Most are still courtesy of Marvel. My favorite is Black Panther, because who doesn't root for T'Challa and the citizens of Wakanda? But, there are also options like Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Murder Mystery

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Moving on to the more adult titles, Murder Mystery starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston as a married couple trying to solve a murder on their vacation aboard is now available to stream. You might already know there are plenty of other Sandler movies at your fingertips on Netflix. If your dad is more a fan of the classics, The Waterboy is a perfect choice.

Always Be My Maybe

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I'm going to tell you a secret that I know from covering a lot of Hallmark movies — dads love romantic comedies and there is absolutely no same in that. So introduce yours to Always Be My Maybe about childhood best friends with very different careers who run into each other again after 15 years. If your dad likes Keanu Reeves, that's a bonus here.


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If your dad is a sports buff who likes dramas, look no further than 42, which tells the true story of Jackie Robinson. He became the first black major league baseball player in 1947.

The Rolling Stones: Olé, Olé, Olé

If dad is more of the rock & roll type (who also loves documentaries) The Rolling Stones: Olé, Olé, Olé is the perfect choice. It follows the iconic band as they make more history by becoming the first rock band ever to play in Cuba.

Like Father

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Looking to bond over something heartwarming? Like Father stars Kristen Bell as a jilted bride who goes on her honeymoon with her estranged father.

Good Will Hunting

If your dad just likes a good modern "classic" drama, Good Will Hunting might be the way to go. The Oscar-winning film tells the story of a math genius janitor trying to find his life's purpose. The film stars Matt Damon, Robin Williams and Ben Affleck. If your dad is more of a crime drama guy, Pulp Fiction starring John Travolta and Uma Thurman is of the same era and also available to stream.

Wine Country

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Last but not least, I'm making a case for Wine Country starring Amy Poehler, Anna Gasteyer, Maya Rudolph and so many other funny ladies. Dads can at least be spectators to the hijinks that sometimes ensue when ladies go away on birthday trips and drink a lot of wine.

No matter what title you choose, it's always fun to bond with dad over movies. Pro tip — it's even more fun when there are snacks.