These New 'Bluey' Picture Books Bring Your Kid's Favorite Pup Family To Bedtime

by Cat Bowen

If you have a small child, you already know how popular Bluey is. The touching show about a blue heeler family in Australia has taken American audiences by storm. So I reckon these new Bluey books will have kids in stitches, begging for "just one more story" at bedtime.

Penguin will be publishing two Bluey picture books, as well as a sticker and activity set designed to encourage hours of play away from iPads and televisions. The picture books are beautifully designed with easy-to-follow, funny stories your kids will adore. The sticker and activity kit is fairly massive, with over 100 stickers, puzzles, games, and art pages just begging for your child to scatter all over the house in a fit of pure, Bluey-induced joy. Also, pro-tip: WD40 and Baby Shampoo both work in getting stickers off surfaces. (I've heard that dish soap also works, but having never tried it, I cannot personally vouch for the efficacy.)

These books would make wonderful holiday gifts or stocking stuffers. I can also see them being a part of a Bluey-themed gift basket filled with these books, some plushes, and maybe some onesies for a baby shower or young child's birthday. They're really just perfect.


'Good Night, Fruit Bat'

Bluey is having a hard time falling asleep, and she wishes that she could fly high in the sky like a fruit bat instead. This book has that wonderful quality that all night-time books have in that it's engaging enough to read frequently, but not so exciting that kids can't wind down with it.


'The Creek'

Wind down? What's that? We're going on an adventure with this book. When the kids are tired of the playground, Dad takes Bluey, Bingo, and Mackenzie to the creek, which is a very different place indeed.


'Time To Play'

Buy two of these books — maybe three. While there's a ton in here for your kid to love, they're going to inevitably mess up one or two of the pages, and there will be a meltdown. Learn from my experiences on this one. Buy a few.