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These New Seasonal Unicorn Cakes From Sam's Club Will Make Any Party Merrier

In case you didn't notice, unicorns are totally where it's at this holiday season — and well, really anytime during the past few years or so. From the unicorn Frappuccino at Starbucks, to unicorn-themed birthday parties, unicorn hair, toys, and more, people of all ages can't seem to get enough of this mythical creature, which is exactly why these new seasonal unicorn cakes from Sam's Club are the perfect centerpiece for your holiday party.

Yep, you read that correctly. Adorably festive unicorn cakes are now available at your favorite bulk food store. According to a press release, two new cake designs are now available: A Santa unicorn and a winter unicorn. The Santa cake will be available for purchase starting this week and through Dec. 24, while supplies last. And the winter cake will be available through the end of January. So as you're meandering down those aisles enjoying samples, checking out the holiday gift section, and stocking up on inordinate amounts of cereal, toilet paper, and fruit snacks, you might as well head over to the bakery and place an order for one of these confectionary works of art.

"Sam's Club has really wowed us with cakes this year," a news release read. "From the unicorn and mermaid cakes, to the 90th Anniversary Mickey Mouse cake, we’ve loved them all.. but we actually think our favorite cakes are dropping in clubs this week." Behold, the three-tiered Santa unicorn cake!

Courtesy of Sam's Club

The three-tiered version of the Christmas unicorn cake — featuring a sleepy unicorn head complete with green-and-red ears and a horn — is priced at $70 and feeds 66 people. It's available in either vanilla or chocolate. If that's a bit too much cake for you, never fear; there's a two-tier version that's equally as festive.

Sam's Club

For two tiers of Santa unicorn awesomeness, it'll set you back $40 and serve 46 people (not a bad deal, to be honest). If Christmas or Santa isn't really your thing — or if you simply want a festive, post-Christmas option — then perhaps the chain's winter unicorn cake is more up your alley. Again, the three-tiered version is $70 and serves 66 people. So round up 60 of your closest friends and family members, and get ready to chow down!

Sam's Club

Or grab 40-ish friends and delight in this slightly smaller $40 winter unicorn cake.

Sam's Club

If you remember, Sam's Club unveiled its original three-tier and two-tier unicorn cakes back in April, according to Food & Wine. Which begs the question: Should we expect other holiday-inspired versions of this cake from Sam's Club? (An Easter bunny unicorn cake, perhaps?)

So if you're needing something special to give your holiday party — or January birthday party — that "wow" factor, you needn't look any further. Just hit up the nearest Sam's Club location and place an order for the holiday unicorn cake of your dreams. While you're at it, don't forget to grab a few tubs of Unicorn Magic ice cream from Target. (In case you're wondering, it's a "cherry flavored ice cream with sour blue raspberry and frosting swirls, and glitter candy bits" according to USA Today.) Because what's a unicorn cake without unicorn magic ice cream?

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