These 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Minnie Ears Are A Halloween Costume All By Themselves

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As Halloween approaches, so does the fun of costumes and queuing up your favorite spooky movies. This year, while you're singing along with Jack Skellington, you can dress the part in Disney's new The Nightmare Before Christmas Minnie ears headband. They offer the perfect opportunity to be festive and comfortable at the same time.

The headband comes in the classic Minnie Mouse design, with two round ears and her signature bow, but instead of polka dots and plain black ears, it's decked out in black iridescent sequins and all of your favorite Halloweentown citizens (Jack, Sally, the mayor, Dr. Finkelstein, Zero, Oogie Boogie, Lock, Shock, Barrel, and more).

Even though the movie may be a little too dark for some little ones, you can safely wear these Minnie ears around them because they are totally kid-friendly. All of the characters featured are cartoon versions of themselves, giving them a little more whimsy than that of their animated inspirations.

The ears are filled with foam to help keep their shape and the headband has non-slip lining so you don't have to worry about readjusting it to keep it on your head. The headband also has a little bit of flex to it to provide a bit of extra comfort.

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They're designed for adults, so, sadly, they'll be a bit too big for little fans. And if you're looking for a slightly more goth pair of ears, there's also this design available:

These faux-leather ears are printed with Jack Skellington's signature stripes and bat bow tie, and, like the first design, one size fits most adults.

These The Nightmare Before Christmas Minnie ears are currently available on Shop Disney, but they're going to go quick so you'll want to jump on them sooner than later. Plus, once they arrive, you can wear them for extra effect as you walk around singing "This Is Halloween" and "What's This?" to help get everyone in the spirit of the spooky holiday.

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