I Believe These Giant Inflatable Oogie Boogies Are Going To Save 2020

by Cat Bowen

There are two types of people in the world: people who know that The Nightmare Before Christmas is equally perfect for both Halloween and Christmas, and therefore deserves to be celebrated for months, and those who are wrong. For the first lot, these huge inflatable Oogie Boogies are obviously a necessity this upcoming Halloween (and arguably, Christmas) season.

My family are Nightmare Before Christmas super-fans, so this is right up our alley. Inflatables are endlessly popular, but have previously been limited to generic Santas and characters from The Simpsons. And while I'll not begrudge anyone their blow-up Barts, these huge inflatable Oogie Boogie men just speak to me. Retailing for $150 at Home Depot and Target, they are a bit pricey, but it could really be the centerpiece of your Halloween decorations, thanks to its bright green color, LED lighting, and how huge this inflatable is.

For families that are really into it, you could consider adding speakers to the inflatable to play Oogie Boogie's titular song "Oogie Boogie's Song," which is arguably one of the better songs of the entire film thanks to his chaotic energy and booming bass voice. Composer Danny Elfman gave him such a fun bluesy-jazzy quality that everyone loves.

There are two I found. The one from The Home Depot is 10 feet tall, while the one from Target is 7 feet tall, but features Boogie's Boys — Lock, Shock, & Barrel.

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An entire Nightmare Before Christmas-themed Halloween is absolutely doable, but it's even easier to let Oogie Boogie or Oogie Boogie with Lock, Stock, and Barrel to stand alone as your celebratory sentinel alongside your basic pumpkins and all the leaves you've yet to sweep up. (If you ask me, they can only add to the spooky ambience.) If you're into it, you could go fully Disney Halloween, and add in some Sanderson Sisters decor, a 6-foot tall Jack Skellington inflatable, and whatever else floats your boat. And let's be honest, Disney people do not do anything halfway, so if you find yourself in that category, I fully expect that within a few years you will have the entire cast of the film, backdrops for the various scenes, a five-piece orchestra hired for the night of trick-or-treating, and potentially an elaborate cosplay for your entire family. Am I speaking from personal experience? I just might be. Either way, this 10-foot inflatable Oogie Boogie or 7-foot Oogie Boogie could be your starting point.