Your 'Little Helper' Will Love These Personalized Step Stools From Shutterfly

Kids love to help out. In the kitchen, in the garage, in the yard, they love to be involved in everything we're doing, but sometimes their stature works against them. But now there's a super adorable solution: Shutterfly's Little Helper personalized step stools. Featuring 25 different styles to choose from, if you can't find one that fits in with your décor, you might be living in an igloo.

No, wait, I think their "Emoji Gradient Stars" would look great in an igloo.

The designs on these stools (which are the perfect solution for brushing teeth and washing hands, and maybe even getting your kids to like the process), run the gamut from whimsical animal themes to the traditional floral "Princess Watercolor Rose" pattern and the tailored, straightforward "Little Helper" with a crossed spoon and spatula motif. Childhood standards like dinos, rocketships, trucks, rainbows, mermaids, and unicorns are also available. Three versions also offer various configurations of the online photo printing that you associate with Shutterfly.

The stools are crafted from 100 percent pine and will hold up to 100 pounds, so they'll last your little ones well into their school years. Heck, my soon-to-be 13-year-old only just topped 100 pounds and he's in 7th grade — taller than his grandmother and having surpassed the need to use a step stool long ago. They do require assembly with a hand screwdriver (not a power tool), but I think it's safe to say that these step stools are as sturdy as they are attractive.

To order, simply visit the site and choose the design you prefer. Select "Customize," then enter your child's name and the other details that make the item special — you'll pick the font for the name, and in many cases, you can choose the background color for the design and/or the coordinating color for the name, too.


Currently priced at $28, these stools would also make a great gift for any holiday or a birthday. At this price point, it may be more than you'd spend on your child's classmate, but aside from a gift for a casual acquaintance, you'd be hard-pressed to find a) a more creative present that b) everyone needs that will also c) be used on a daily basis and d) if the family gets more than one of, they'll still use yours. See? It's, like, the ideal gift. You can thank me later.

Now that I've convinced you, allow me to present the cherry on top of this particular sundae: When I visited the site and placed a sample order, I expected the delivery time to be about three weeks. Granted, it has been a while since I've ordered anything from Shutterfly, but the estimate in my shopping cart was just 4-7 days for standard economy shipping. In other words, even last-minute gift-givers like me — and yes, I suffer from this problem even with my own children, whose birthdays I am capable of predicting well in advance — can indulge in this particular treat. Plus, even if you don't meet the minimum for free shipping, economy shipping is $10, which is not bad when you consider that this is a solid (heavy) wood product. It's a win on every front.