These Photos From Beauty & The Beast Will Have People Wishing The Movie Was Here Already

There is nothing better than seeing childhood favorite animated favorite movies play out on the big screen. With real life actors and newer technology for more realistic animation, for the past few years Disney has been taking animated classics and turning them into new favorites to be loved by all generations. Which is why these photos from Beauty and the Beast will have fans wishing it was 2017 already.

Disney has been keeping quiet about the new Beauty and the Beast reboot. In early 2015, studio heads slowly began to announce the film's director, cast and its eventual release date — aiming for March 17, 2017. Since then, those who have been keeping a close eye on the film's progress know that Harry Potter standout Emma Watson will be playing Belle and Sir Ian McKellen will be playing Cogsworth, among other huge names. But aside from casting, there had never been any major teasers or concept art released from the film — until last month.

In July 2016, Disney released a very short but very effective teaser trailer. The trailer shows the Beast's castle in stunning detail and reveals some voices of characters but nothing more. But now, the first images from the Beauty and the Beast film have been released and they are beautiful.

The first look at Lumiere and Cogsworth reveal so much about how the other characters in the film will look. If both characters look this intricate and ornate, then who knows what Mrs. Potts and Chip, as well the whole house of characters, will look like. Seriously, this design is amazing. However, this look for these characters might not be the final design. According to Beauty and the Beast producer Jack Morrisey's comments on his Facebook page, this image is only "concept art."

In another released photo, behind the scenes footage is shown of the tavern scene featuring Gaston and his right hand man, Le Fou. This scene indicates a musical number (given it is the same tavern as the animated version) — which is another reason to get excited, given that Disney's last two animated turned live-action films — Cinderella and The Jungle Book — had music in them but were not full blown musicals. The musical aspect is just another reason to want to see this film. The 2017 film will feature all of the 1991 movie's original songs as well as three new ones, written by composer Alan Menken, according to Hypable.

In the last photo from the set, actor Dan Stevens, who plays the Beast, looks strikingly similar to the animated version of the Beast's human form. According to Morrisey, these images were taken from the "sneak peek" extra on the 25th Anniversary Edition DVD and Blu-Ray of Beauty and the Beast, which will be released net month.

If the stunning CGI animation and rave reviews from The Jungle Book did not get Disney fans excited for the live action version of Beauty and the Beast, then these photos definitely will. Now can 2017 get here or what?