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Selena Gomez's House In Studio City Will Give You So Much Decor Inspiration

If you've ever wanted to live in a bona fide celebrity's house (and uh, TBH, who hasn't?) well, you might now have the chance. Or, at the very least, you can cop some interior decorating tips because photos of Selena Gomez's house in Studio City are officially available, and it's as stylish as anyone would imagine.

Though it's unclear where Gomez is moving, Homes.com has listed her house at a super affordable $2,799,000 (kidding). The four bedroom, four bathroom mansion was purchased by the singer just last year, but it seems that she's already hungry for a change of pace. Architectural Digest reported on Monday that Gomez has not one but two properties currently listed, her Studio City home and another house in Fort Worth, Texas.

So if you've ever been dying to see what the inside of one of your favorite celeb's LA dwellings looks like, all of your dreams are about to come true. Between the skylights, lavender velvet armchairs, green marble fireplaces and outdoor swimming pools, this house is as luxe as it gets, but it's totally clear that Gomez had a hand in designing it herself... that light up "Fetish" sign in her living room? So on point.

1. The Entryway

Imagine walking home and entering through the doors that Gomez used to... it would be a pretty magical thing. The emerald green accent colors are a theme throughout the house, and it makes it look truly fit for royalty.

2. The Living Room

The first floor living room has a totally chill but glamorous vibe, between the velvet lavender armchairs, bright blue velvet couch, patterned rug and emerald green fireplace, the space looks young and inviting.

3. The Sitting Room

Not quite the living room, but certainly another space in which you could kick back and scroll through Insta for a bit, this sitting room is totally the coolest in the house. Between the green couch, palm leaves and that glowing peach "fetish" sign, it pays a sweet tribute to one of Gomez's more recent songs.

4. The Kitchen

The light teal couch that has its back to the kitchen totally looks like somewhere you could sit and relax while waiting for dinner to be done cooking. Between the brick laid floors, hanging copper cookware and those über beautiful skylights in the background, it seems like the most epic mecca for entertaining or enjoying a Sunday in by yourself.

5. The Backyard

Complete with a swimming pool, connected hot tub, outdoor patio space and green vines decorating the sides of the house, the backyard space looks like the perfect cozy area to hang out with friends on a warm summer night, or have lunch and take a leisurely dip in the pool. (In all of these scenarios, life is insanely glamorous, which would be the case if you lived in Selena Gomez's house.)

6. The Bathroom

The white on white subway tiles and cabinetry gives the bathroom a very spa-like zen feel. The candles on the side of the tub give away the fact that it would be the ultimate space to kick back, relax, and soak off the stress of the day. Side note: could you imagine Gomez standing and doing her makeup in those very mirrors? It's almost too perfect.

7. The Master Bedroom

Last but not least is the bedroom. Complete with enclave floor-to-ceiling bay windows and access to the master bathroom, this bedroom is truly fit for royalty (and the size of it is, uh, pretty enormous to begin with).

The house has every much bit of style and subtle sophistication as Gomez does, and at the very least it's clear that whomever ends up living there for good will incite the envy of every Selenator in the world.