These Unicorn Slippers Are Soft, Cute, & *Heated*, So Yeah, Miracles Do Exist

Fuzzy slippers are a staple in my wardrobe. If I'm home, you can guarantee I'm in my slippers. If I'm not home, there's also a chance I'm wearing them — yes, I pack them in my purse for the movie theater and long flights. I highly suggest trying it for yourself. The right pair of slippers can be the ultimate treat for your feet, and these amazing plush, heated unicorn slippers available on Amazon Prime are downright life-changing.

There is nothing quite as difficult as getting out of bed on chilly mornings. Your bed is the ultimate cocoon of warmth and softness, and leaving it is a harsh reminder that summer is long gone. Luckily, these SMOKO slippers are here to help take the edge off. Available in both pink and purple (or as the website describes, "playful pink" and "spunky purple"), these can be worn just like regular house shoes, but their built-in heating pads are a secret weapon that blow ordinary slippers out of the water. If you're not on the slipper train yet, these will make you hop on board real quick.

Heating up these bad boys, made of cotton and polyester, is simple. They're powered by USB, and you can plug them into a USB port or outlet adaptor. You can even plug them straight into your computer to warm up your toes at the office! Every pair comes with a 57-inch USB cable that plugs into the back of each slipper, meaning you can move around (within reason) while they warm up. Once they're preheated to your liking, you can unplug them and soak up the heat. Because the heating pads are nestled between your foot and the bottom of the slipper, the heat lasts for a long time. Maybe not for an entire movie or an entire flight, but longer than you might expect!

Of course, the best slippers are the ones you can wear year-round. The USB plug-in on the back of each slipper is discreet and unobtrusive, and these slippers will be your best companions even when you aren't interested in heating them up. Pop them on your feet, and the plump padding and lush fabric provide plenty of TLC all on their own.

Heating pads and luxurious fabric aside, how cute are these guys? Each slipper has a rainbow-colored mane of hair on its adorable head, and a rainbow tail above each USB connector. Eyes and nostrils are embroidered in black stitching, and, of course, the all-important horn is made from sparkly, iridescent fabric. Four short, stuffed legs grace the bottom of each slipper.

Are you a big unicorn fan? Amazon has you covered from top to bottom, so don't stop with at your feet. Might I suggest pairing your new slippers with a unicorn onesie? This one from NEWCOSPLAY (from $20, Amazon) is 100 percent polar fleece, comes in a whopping 17 different colors, has a matching child's version, and would really complete the unicorn look.

Don't wait until the temperature plummets to order your slippers. Grab a pair for yourself (and maybe a few for Christmas presents!) and enjoy the magical, unicorn warmth they'll bring you all winter long.