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These 'Scream Queens' Killer Theories Prove The Green Meanie Could Be Anyone

The Green Meanie has been terrorizing the characters on Scream Queens for weeks, but they're no closer to figuring out the killer's identity than they were at the start. Much like the Red Devil in Season 1, almost anyone could be seen as a suspect. Plus, now that Hester is essentially free again, there are multiple killers around muddying the waters and making the Green Meanie's identity all the more confusing. These Scream Queens killer theories attempt to figure out just who is behind that monstrous green mask.

There is a lot going on in the second season of Scream Queens, but that's something the audience has come to expect. Each and every character has their own agenda, and there are plenty of brand new characters whose motivations the audience understands even less fully than those who have stuck around since Season 1. Then there's the history of the C.U.R.E. Institute itself to take into account; decades of ineptitude and carelessness have earned the ire of a vengeful swamp monster that may not even have anything to do with the current crop of doctors and nurses. The only thing that's certain is that whoever the killer is, it's bound to be a shocker.

It's A Family Affair

In the opener of the Season 2 premiere, fans were introduced to a dying patient and his pregnant wife. The patient was killed by hospital staff when he was dumped in a swamp with the Green Meanie costume, and ever since then the hospital has been a target. Many fans think the Green Meanie could be anyone from that family: the presumed-dead patient, his revenge-bent wife, or their unborn baby. The baby wouldn't be able to be the original Green Meanie, but it could be a family affair: the mother started the killing and her child is carrying on her legacy.

Chanel Is The Killer

There are a few hints that the killer could be Chanel, as explained by Reddit user Sonrio, though there's no hard evidence. When Chanel is told by Hester that the clues are right in front of her, Chanel is looking at a reflection of her own face. She also threatened to kill Chanel Number Five if she came to the Halloween party and, sure enough, Number Five was indeed stabbed at the party. Perhaps she even killed Chad to get his money, something she's severely lacking right now, though it would have been poor planning to take him out before the wedding. Plus, Chanel has killed before. That makes her pretty suspicious at the very least.

Dr. Cassidy Cascade Is Out For Revenge

Cassidy seems almost too obvious to be the killer, but that might be the very reason why it is him after all. Hester was pretty obvious too and she ended up being behind everything in Season 1. Cassidy is supposedly the living dead and Reddit user thicolas pointed out that he became a doctor because of the poor treatment his parents suffered at the hands of doctors. Could Dr. Cascade be the baby from the opening scenes, hellbent on vengeance? It's certainly possible, though it would be quite the retread of Season 1's bathtub baby. Then again, this show loves to revisit its own history.

Grace Isn't Really Gone

One popular theory ties up the killer's identity and the fact that Grace has been entirely MIA all season. It would explain a few things, like the fact that Grace's bestie Zayday remains unscathed by the killer and that Hester has insider information about what's going on. Hester and Grace are biological sisters, after all, so maybe in the wake of Season 1 they've been doing some murderous bonding together.

There Are Multiple Killers

This theory is practically a guarantee. Aside from Hester's return, there may be more than one person behind the Green Meanie's mask, allowing the killer to be everywhere at once. Reddit user RexDust explained their idea behind the most likely team up: "[Hoffel], Chamberlain and the guy who got dumped in the flashback (assuming the swamp brings him back to life or something). [Hoffel] would have to be Jane and Chamberlain would be the son Jane mentioned in the flashback, creating a family of killers with a vendetta against the hospital."

Knowing Scream Queens, instead of just one of these characters being the killer, they're probably all the killer. If there's one thing that's true about this show, it's that no one can be trusted.