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These Theories About Taylor Swift's Snake Video Are Running Wild

Taylor Swift knows how to get people talking. That much has been clear since early on in her career, whether she was inspiring people to dissect her lyrics for references to famous exes or to search for secret clues about what she was planning next. And now there's something new for her fans to investigate. On Friday August 18, all of Swift's social media accounts went black: from Twitter to Tumblr to Instagram, there was nothing to see. Since then, she's posted two videos depicting some scaly creature slithering around. But what does it all mean? These theories about Taylor Swift's snake video try to put the pieces together.

Some fans are wondering if it even is a snake in Swift's videos, speculating that it could be a dragon too (perhaps Swift's own R.I.P. to Daenerys Targaryen's recently felled dragon) or some other reptilian creature. Perhaps its just an announcement of a new era. Swift has been keeping quiet lately even before wiping her socials clean, and that's always a telltale sign that a pop star is about to launch a new persona on the world. It's been some time since the release of her hit 2014 album 1989, so she could be up to anything. And fans are trying to figure it out.

A New Album Is On The Way

This seems to be the most likely explanation. It's about time Swift unleashed some new music on the world, and these cryptic videos could just be an attempt to create some hype — which definitely worked.

It's A Reference To Past Drama

Ever since Swift's drama with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West, people have taken to calling her a snake (and usually not affectionately) and plastering her socials with snake emojis. Perhaps this is a sign that she's going to address that once and for all, especially since Swift is good at using bad press to her benefit. She lampooned her own image with "Blank Space," so it could make sense for her to integrate the situation with Kim and Kanye into her new era.

She's Plotting A VMAs Performance

The MTV VMAs are set to premiere on Sunday August 27, hosted by Katy Perry — whom Swift has had a long-rumored feud with. Perry has expressed a desire to put an end to the drama, so maybe Swift's clues are a lead-up to a joint performance between the two to show they're on good terms after everything. However, on SiriusXM's The Morning Mash Up Perry claimed nothing was in the works.

She's The Heir Of Slytherin

Just saying: random snake sightings were one of the signs the last time Slytherin's heir made a public appearance.

Her Single Is Dropping

Maybe Swift isn't hyping a whole album, but just the first single, supposedly called "Timeless." A website with that title was registered to her, and Vanity Fair reported that Genius already had an empty lyrics page up for the song (if that was the case, it has since been deleted).

An Upcoming Collaboration

A little while ago, Kesha posted something on Instagram about collaborating with a secret Grammy-winning artist. It's possible that artist is Swift, and these videos are hints about the upcoming collaboration. Kesha has been releasing new music lately and Swift was helpful during Kesha's legal troubles, so it's a plausible pair-up.

Nature Is Its Own Promo

If Swift is planning to release a surprise new album, then perhaps the timing could reveal everything. Her media blackout and subsequent snake vids coincided with the real life solar eclipse happening, leading some to theorize that her next album will be called Eclipse.

She Was Hacked

Initially some fans wondered if Swift had actually been hacked: it would explain the strangeness of her posts and the deletion of all the old stuff. However, if that was the case, Swift would have likely addressed it by now.

Say Goodbye To Swift

Or maybe Swift isn't actually hyping up anything. Maybe she's planning to delete her socials, dye her hair brown, change her name, and move to a quiet farm somewhere so she can live out the rest of her life in peace, outside of the glare of the spotlight. That, or she's launching a new career as a snake wrangler.

Just kidding, of course. Swift is sure to make her plans public sooner or later, but until she does all fans can do is guess.