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These Theories On 'The Umbrella Academy' Could Explain What Happens Next

Everyone is talking about Netflix’s new series, The Umbrella Academy, and the Season 1 finale has left fans with tons of burning questions. The series — which is based on Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá’s comic book series of the same name — ended its first season with a major cliffhanger, so fans are now piecing together clues to come up with their own amazing theories for The Umbrella Academy Season 2.

Warning: Spoilers for Season 1 of The Umbrella Academy ahead.

The series follows a group of seven siblings — Klaus, Luther, Diego, Allison, Ben (who is a ghost), Vanya, and Number Five — who were spontaneously born on the same day and then adopted by an eccentric billionaire named Sir Reginald Hargreeves. Each of the siblings has a super power, and their father trained them to use their abilities to save the world from harm. As a child, Vanya exhibited no special powers, so she was usually treated like the black sheep of the family.

Number Five, who has the ability to travel through time and space, travels to a future where the world has ended, and when he comes back to the present, he tells his siblings they have only eight days left until the apocalypse. The siblings find themselves trying to save the world, but when it turns out that their sister Vanya is the reason for the apocalypse, they end up being unsuccessful.

In the finale, the siblings use a magical briefcase to escape the world-ending meteor shower, so fans are dying to know where they went, and whether or not they’ll come back and try to save the world again. Here are some Season 2 theories for The Umbrella Academy that could explain what will happen next.

Ben Will Be Alive

When Season 1 began, Ben had already died, but the show never offered a reason behind his death. But Ben’s ghost — who could be seen and heard by Klaus — was present during almost all of the siblings major moments. Reddit user, Identity__Crysis, thinks that Ben will be alive in Season 2 because of Klaus’s ability to materialise him.

“Now at the end of the show we see more of Klaus's power than we have seen in all episodes combined, as he conjures up Ben to have him defeat all the gunmen shooting at the family,” wrote the user. “Now what I think Klaus did here was not only materialise Ben, but bring him back to life in this exact scene — In a dream sequence in episode 7, we see Klaus talking to the ghost of his father, and while he is shaving his beard off his son, he tells him he could never use more than a fraction of his powers. What I think Klaus's full powers are is bringing people back from the dead, instead of just talking to them.”

The Siblings Will “Do Over” Their Relationship With Vanya

The apocalypse was brought on by Vanya and the lifetime of pain and loneliness she suffered at the hands of her family. Some fans think that the team will head back to the past to make sure they treat Vanya better, so that she never brings about the end of the world. “I would have assumed they traveled back to when they are children to amend the relationship with Vanya to prevent what happened,” wrote Redditor tboxer854.

Luther’s Moon Visit Will Save The World

Luther was living on the moon at the command of his father, and some fans think that he could use that positioning to save the world from the meteors. “Is there any chance Luther's experiments on the moon come into play?” wrote Reddit user marndar. “Maybe they can retroactively put him up there to put something on the Moon to counter the explosions.”

The Team Will Head To Dallas

Some fans think that the siblings will end up in Dallas, which is also where the comic book series continues their story. “They mention early on in this 1st season the "1963 incident" (I think it was Cha-Cha or Hazel who mentions it), and of course we know Number Five has unfinished business there,” wrote Redditor Tetrabud. “It was the last place he time traveled, and would probably be 'easiest' for him to attempt to go back (bringing everyone along with him). And of course the second graphic novel is titled "Dallas", and those of you that have read it know there's a ton of story that could still be told. The show runners plan to have 8 graphic novels and 8 Netflix seasons to go with it, so this makes sense to me.”

More Super Heroes Will Rise

The series starts off by indicating that 43 babies were born on the same day as The Umbrella Academy siblings, a notion which left fans wondering what happened to those other babies. Reddit user HeyItsChase thinks that any number of the remaining babies could come back in Season 2 to help save the world. “They never even alluded to the other powers that must exist,” wrote the Reddit user. “36 more super heroes out there. There academy members were famous, I'd assume the were other famous people to come from that litter.”

Way and Bá have remained tight-lipped about what's to come, and because the series is so different from the comic books, it's hard to predict exactly what Season 2 will bring. In the meantime, fans can continue to piece together clues and imagine what the future (or past) will look like for The Umbrella Academy team.

Season 1 of The Umbrella Academy is currently streaming on Netflix.