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These 'This Is Us' Season 4 Theories Will Have You Saying "Yep"

Like many fans, one of my favorite hobbies is falling down the rabbit hole of This Is Us fan theories. With so many interwoven character arcs and timelines, it's like a treasure trove of "what if" scenarios. The brilliant team of writers take on some of the most compelling storylines on TV and yet fan theories are where my soul comes alive. I could dive in and lose myself for hours (and have). And because the show is created to keep fans guessing, there are some This Is Us Season 4 theories I'm particularly drawn to. They might be true, but they might not. The red herrings, twists, and turns are what make the show so remarkably addicting. Regardless, I have zero doubt they'll have you reaching for another box, or 12, of tissues.

Thanks to show creator Dan Fogelman, don't put your money on any one specific theory because This Is Us was created on the premise anything can, and will, happen. Every last detail about the big events are what make each episode relatable and wildly unpredictable all at once. The mysterious "her" at the end of Season 2 turns out to be Rebecca Pearson, but fans want to know why Randall called Toby (who doesn't appear to be wearing a wedding ring). And where is Kate? There are endless theories about these vague scenarios, giving imaginary closure to arcs that haven't fully developed. Everyone wants to be an internet detective, including me.

That said, Milo Ventimiglia recently appeared on Ellen saying the show is set to conclude after Season 6. It could go longer if things are going well, but for now, there's a definitive end point writers have set in motion from the pilot episode. While that should make fans feel slightly OK-ish, it's hard to imagine a time without the Pearson fam. So, with a few episodes of Season 3 left, take comfort in a few Season 4 theories to hold you over until the next big batch of "what just happened?"

Rebecca Is Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer

If you look back at the episode "The Car," Rebecca spoke of a brain cancer scare she once had. While waiting to hear the results, Jack took her to the tree where his ashes will eventually be spread. I don't want to be a Debbie Downer but, um, foreshadow much? I'm not the only one who caught that cleverly inserted scene. Reddit user NurseRoo agrees, adding some of Rebecca's moments that may have gone unnoticed. Like the panic attack on the bridge and that whole vertigo thing. Plus, with the truth of "her" out — it's Rebecca they're referring to in that flash forward — she could be on her death bed. Say it ain't so, Fogelman.

Something Will Happen To Kate & Toby's Baby

In promos for the next episode, Kate's wheeled into the hospital. And because she's not far enough a long to give birth just yet, Reddit user Krallie has an interesting theory that ties in Uncle Nicky, who knew of big brother Jack's heart condition (aka why Jack wasn't drafted into the Vietnam War). If it plays out that Kate and Toby's unborn baby has something wrong, Nicky's confession about Jack's heart condition could save the baby. The user said, "When the Big Three mentioned that Jack died from a heart attack due to smoke inhalation, Nicky kind of made a knowing face. I’d assume he knew the heart condition was what prevented Jack from being drafted. Do you think he’ll mention this and it’ll somehow wind up helping Kate’s baby? There was a big deal made about ‘passing on something of Dad’s’… Also, this could be a way for Nicky to redeem himself for Jack and his family."

Makes total sense, TBH.

Kate Will Die Giving Birth

Don't blame the messenger, but a lot of people think Kate might meet her end while giving birth. Though it's not commonplace these days, it happens if there are complications. Reddit user HighGirlfriend refers back to Kate in the hospital long before the baby's due. I can't say I'm ready to say goodbye to another Pearson member, but sweet Jack's death has been a fact since basically the start of the show and he's still very much alive throughout.

The Series Finale Will End All Finales

I refuse to think towards the series finale because there's still so much story left to tell. However, Reddit user NurseRoo asked for thoughts on how fans think it'll go down. There's a Titanic reference, because Jack and Rose = Jack and Bec, but my favorite This Is Us finale theory comes from commenter, Yophop123, saying, "They just keep expanding it to where the family gets traced back to the beginning of man and forward to the end of time and there's some parallel."

I wouldn't put it past the writers.

Kevin Will Build Nicky A House

Because Kevin has spent so much time trying to know more about his mysterious late father, Jack, plenty of fans think Kevin might use some of his Mr. Fix-It skills to build Nicky a better home. He helped Randall manage tenant apartments and fixed the leaky roof in Nicky's trailer. It sounds like a beautiful way for Kev and Nicky to connect, but all of that is absent of the final scenes that revealed Kevin may have fallen off the wagon and is no longer sober. Something tells me things are going to get worse before they get better.

Rebecca Will "See" Jack On Her Death Bed

With so many theories about Rebecca's death and the ghost of Jack returning to her bedside to "take her home," don't even get me started.

*cries forever*

Eventually there will be answers and finality to all the open threads (like the whole "her" thing which is said to be disclosed in ore detail very soon). Whatever your theories are going into Season 4 next fall, rest assured, the whole This Is Us crew will be sure to throw you completely off track. And that's why it works.