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It's Madeline Vs. Meryl On 'Big Little Lies' & Fans Are Delighted

When it was announced that Meryl Streep was joining HBO's Big Little Lies for Season 2, fans couldn't contain their excitement. They were eager to see what the powerhouse actress would bring to a cast already stacked with talented performers. And these tweets about Meryl Streep on Big Little Lies prove fans are living for her character Mary Louise, Perry's grieving mother.

Mary Louise certainly made an impact from her first minute onscreen. She was popping by Celeste's house regularly to help out with her sons while also keeping an eye out for suspicious behavior. But while it was obvious she thought Celeste was hiding something, she saved all of her barbed comments for Madeline instead. They got off to the wrong foot right away in "What Have They Done?" Mary Louise informed Madeline that little people were untrustworthy, then doubled down with an in-depth read for filth later on. But she did it with a mild, quiet delivery that made her as instantly iconic as her magnifying glasses.

Streep's performance is going to be talked about for months to come, but fans on Twitter are already starting the conversation. Just like Mary Louise herself, they're not holding back on sharing their opinions.


Mary Louise's personality was perfectly summed up by her first exchange with Maddie: what started off as innocent small talk took a sharp turn towards prickling discomfort in just a few seconds.

Nothing To See Here

In fact, Mary Louise's laser focus was so unsettling that some audience members might have found themselves sweating at home, too.

The Dinner Party From Hell

The tension between Celeste and Mary Louise was palpable. Streep and Nicole Kidman are so good on screen together that viewers are eager to see where the season takes them.

The One & Only

One day I hope to be so impressive a personage that someone on the internet puts "the" in front of my last name.

A Big Secret

When Celeste awoke from a nightmare about Perry with the word "kill" on her lips, Mary Louise took note. If she gets any better at analyzing Celeste's dreams, the Monterey Five are going to have to watch out.


Streep may be awash in awards, but she's missing the Tony and the Grammy that would make her acronym complete. However, after Big Little Lies Season 2, she might have yet another Emmy to place on her mantle.

Showin' 'Em How It's Done

I absolutely can. Acting!

Trouble Is Brewing

Mary Louise may be a pleasant-looking motherly type, but there's no denying that she's a huge threat to Celeste, Maddie, Bonnie, Jane, and Renata. Streep gives the character the gravitas she needs to incite fear in everyone around her. Don't be fooled by the specs.

The Library Is Open

But while Mary Louise is terrifying, she can also deliver a prime dragging. She left Maddie speechless, which isn't something most people can do.

Mixed Emotions

That combined dread and delight seem to be a common reaction to Mary Louise on Twitter. While she could destroy the protagonists' lives if she found out the truth about Perry's death, it's still fascinating to watch such a talented actress work.

Get Ready

The events of the Season 1 finale are still haunting the women of Monterey no matter how much they try to move on. And Mary Louise isn't going to let their secrets stay buried forever.

Fans couldn't wait to see Streep on Big Little Lies, and it looks like she didn't disappoint them in the premiere.